Cut Big Data Costs by 23%: 7 Key Practices

We all recognize this scene: AI initiatives are creating extreme demand for data processing and streaming, but your budget is reaching its limits – and manual fixes are also expensive and time-consuming. So how can you rewrite the script?

Join our webinar, hosted by Ganesh the Awesome, senior solutions engineer at GlobalDots, with guest Roman Yegorov, director of solution engineering at Intel Granulate, to explore a solution that cuts big data costs by 23% – without changing a single line of code.

Master the delicate act of balancing speed and scalability in an ever-expanding world of big data.

  • Cut costs: Learn how American Airlines cut big data costs by 23% across all purpose clusters, job clusters and delta live tables.
  • Streamline operations: Discover strategies to optimize resource allocation, job completion times and overall cluster management.
  • Enhance performance: Harness the full potential of big data without the complexity or spiraling costs.

Ganesh The Awesome | Senior Solutions Engineer at GlobalDots
Roman Yegorov | Director of Solution Engineering at Granulate

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