Welcome to our Solution Brief on Zero Trust, the future of cybersecurity. Our expert team at GlobalDots has prepared this to help you understand the key components of Zero Trust, and its role in securing modern business applications and data.

Our Zero Trust solution covers all the critical components of ZTNA, including VPN replacement and augmentation, Secure Web Gateway (SWG) & Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions. We provide a unified, low-latency Zero Trust platform that helps you secure hybrid work with Internet-native Zero Trust.

Our Zero Trust solution helps you eliminate implicit trust while providing consistent experiences for both remote and office users. You can secure access, defend against threats, and tackle your Zero Trust journey one step at a time with our composable, in-line security services.

Benefits of our Zero Trust solution include improving team productivity, simplifying policy management, and troubleshooting issues faster with a unified, low-latency Zero Trust platform. Additionally, you can reduce cyber risk by protecting against multi-channel phishing and ransomware and reduce your attack surface by leveraging our broad threat intelligence. Finally, you can improve tech efficiency, accelerate digital maturity, and consolidate point products with our composable, in-line security services that provide holistic visibility into your network traffic.

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Solution Brief: Passwordless Authentication
Passwordless Authentication Zero Trust Access Management
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Part with unsecure password lists, password management and forgotten passwords. Passwordless authentication allows easy access to all business apps with a single tap on your chosen device. This solution brief includes top features, capabilities, and benefits. Fill out the form to get your copy.

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Ebook: The 6 Business and Security Benefits of Zero Trust
Zero Trust Access Management
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Businesses today operate much differently than they did just a few short years ago. Employees, devices,even applications are no longer locked away inside of the corporate perimeter. They’re on the web andon the go. Providing security for a new breed of anytime, anywhere workers and cloud-based applicationsrequires a novel approach. Organizations are increasingly turning away […]

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Zero Trust Access Management
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New business initiatives and processes broaden your organization’s attack surface. Applications, users, and devices are moving outside of the traditional corporate zone of control, dissolving what was once the trusted perimeter, and enterprise security and networks must evolve to protect the business. Taking on a complete Zero Trust security transformation isn’t something that most organizations […]

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