Report: State of CNAS, Q2 2021

Open Source & Code Security

As companies embrace cloud native technologies as part of their digital transformation, security becomes key to delivering software products faster and error-free. This latest survey by Snyk:

  1. Evaluates the latest cloud-native development trends.
  2. Demonstrates how Cloud Native App Security (CNAS) fits into CI/CD.
  3. Reveals what still keeps some companies from moving to cloud-native platforms. 

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Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Automated Application Monitoring – Solution Brief
Li-Or Amir 16.06.21

As a product company, your success depends on the fast delivery of new, error-free application experiences. Organizations today are rapidly adopting highly dynamic software architectures, utilizing containerized microservices applications throughout the DevOps production pipeline. Automatic Application Monitoring oversees these architectures for faster deployment and scaling to meet business and market demand. Fill out the form […]

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