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Zero Trust Access Management
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 08.04.21

The notion of a network perimeter — where everyone outside the enterprise’s zone of control is malicious and everyone inside is honest and well-intentioned — can’t be relied on in today’s business landscape. Wide adoption of SaaS applications, migration to cloud-based architectures, a growing number of remote users, and an influx of BYOD devices have […]

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SASE: The 1-Day Route to Zero Trust
Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots 07.04.21

Most networking and security solutions today are still painfully incompatible with a cloud-centric business ecosystem. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) fuses enterprise network and its security layer into a single, cloud-based platform. Think of it as network-plus-security-as-a-service. SASE well-demonstrates the holistic, innovation-driven approach applied into GlobalDots’ every project. We therefore explored this trend and its […]

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Cloud Workload Protection: Top 4 Vendors Compared & Evaluation Criteria
Cloud Workload Protection
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 07.04.21

Recent reports show that overall enterprise use of cloud services spiked by 50% due to work from home mandates caused by the pandemic. This rush has led to an increase in cloud-native security risks, such as publicly-exposed API keys and resources and excessive permissions. Problem is, alert overflow and lack of context to the alerts […]

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Least Privilege, Zero Sweat: Protecting Cloud Workloads from 2021’s Security Threats
Cloud Workload Protection
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 07.04.21

The Cloud boosts business operations with unprecedented speed and flexibility. However, it also opens a new forefront of security challenges and threats. Many security solutions have emerged to mitigate those threats, but only few do so without slowing the business down.  Effectively detecting and intercepting malicious activity without halting business processes is the primary mission of […]

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SRE Terminology: The Definitive Guide
Reliability Platforms (SRE)
Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots 06.04.21

If your work relates to site reliability engineering, incident response or even just plain-old DevOps, it’s easy to feel like you are drowning in a sea of acronyms. The IT world, in general, is riddled with acronyms (Wikipedia lists hundreds of them) that can be hard for the uninitiated to decipher; but the world of […]

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