A Real-Life Guide to a Successful Cloud Strategy

Welcome to the Cloud Strategy Guide by GlobalDots, the ultimate practical guide for Cloud adoption and Cloud computing future. Our guide is designed to help you plan your Cloud roadmap, implement best practices for Cloud security, and execute effective Cloud migration strategies, including lift and shift migration strategy, cloud migration patterns, and migration hub strategy recommendations.

Our guide is tailored for CIOs, Chiefs of Infrastructure, Heads of Digital Strategy, IT/Security Leaders, and anyone responsible for the enterprise’s technology posture. It includes a comprehensive Cloud migration strategy for moving to Cloud, rethinking Cloud strategy for business growth, and cost allocation & reduction for boosting the bottom line.

Inside, you will find expert insights and advice on Cloud Vendor Selection, Cloud Centre of Excellence, Cloud Security, Cloud Governance, Exemplary Cloud Performance & Security Suite, and migration strategies for AWS and Azure. We also provide recommendations for migrating Oracle databases to AWS.

With the Cloud computing future upon us, our guide is an essential resource for enterprises looking to achieve successful Cloud transformation. It includes a cloud migration project plan and cloud roadmap to help you map out the best path forward for your organization. Plus, our guide features best practice Cloud security practices to help you ensure that your Cloud adoption is secure and compliant.

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