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SMB Cloud Adoption, Big Data Business, IoT Predictions for 2015 and Why is Web Getting Slower

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The Web Is Getting Slower, At Least in How We All Experience It

The posibility of the Internet slowing down is very much a reality, not a posibility. Akamai’s analysts suggest that the Internet is getting slower, due to the way that the Web is being used. The mobile surfing phenomenon affected the nature of web browsing. Nowdays, we are more likely to surf the Web from a mobile device, using a wireless broadband connection, we face the increased possibility that we’ll see performance problems that we wouldn’t see on a PC or laptop.


Image source: Wired

In a mobile first Web, high performance isn’t a given, even with a 4G network, if the user is in an area with poor coverage or interference. The Web may not be slowing down from a total standpoint, but in many situations, it sure does feel slower.

Check the full story at Wired.

Suprising facts about SMB cloud adoption

Whatever your business requirements, there’s likely a cloud solution to meet your specific needs. Because nearly 90 percent of SMBs are currently making use of the cloud, it’s almost unnecessary to talk about the benefits of cloud adoption in simple terms. The cons of adopting a cloud based solution are numerous; here are the 4 suprising trends that show why SMBs are using the cloud:

  1. It aids better customer service – satisfied customers spend 140% more on average than unsatisfied customers. 70 % of businesses report that they’re able to put money saved back into their business as a result of moving to the cloud.
  2. Cloud is safer – brute force attacks were 30 percent more common in on-premise data centers. Collaborative relationships between customers and hosting providers will go a long way toward keeping cloud environments secure.
  3. Smaller businesses are adopting the Cloud faster – businesses with fewer than 20 employees, 68 percent report having adopted the Cloud, in contrast with the adoption rate of businesses with 500-1000 employees with the 53% Cloud adoption rate.
  4. Content Filtering – the cloud is able to scale security solutions to keep unwanted content at bay, while the traditional IT environments are often much slower to bring in new defenses

Check the full article at VentureBeat.

Big Data: The Composable Business

Composable Business is a new concept in today’s web market. It enables companies to bridge the gap between data handling and real time analytics to create new products and better service, leading for optimum customer satisfaction and user experience in the shortest possible time frame, opening the door for data driven creativity and talent.

Composable is listed as a form of the word compose which is defined as “to make or form by combining things, parts or elements. A composable business must be a business that’s made up of a combination of multiple parts or elements. A composable business team is composed of IT Managers, Developers and Business leaders.

IT Manager’s task is to leverage the flexibility and agility that dynamic clouds provide. Developers are closely partnering and working with their IT management counterparts through DevOps. The business leader’s task is to wrap it up and use the given staff/data resources for the success of the entire organization.

Check IBM’s Composable Business video here:

IDC reaveals worldwide Internet of Things predictions for 2015

International Data Corporation (IDC) hosted the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IoT 2015 Web conference, providing organizations with insight and perspective on long-term trends that may follow in the coming year.These are the top predicitons from IDC for IoT:

  1. IoT will join up with Cloud within the next 5 years. More than 90% of IoT data will be hosted on service provider platforms.
  2. Within two years, 90% of all IT networks will have an IoT-based security breach, although many will be considered “inconveniences”, forcing Chief Information Security Officers to adopt new IoT policies
  3. By 2018, 40% of IoT-created data will be stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon close to, or at the edge, of the network.
  4. Within three years, 50% of IT networks will transition from having excess capacity to handle the additional IoT devices to being network constrained with nearly 10% of sites being overwhelmed.
  5. By 2017, 90% of datacenter and enterprise systems management will rapidly adopt new business models to manage non-traditional infrastructure and BYOD device categories
  6. By 2018, 60% of IT solutions originally developed as proprietary, closed-industry solutions will become open-sourced, forming vertical-driven IoT markets
  7. Within five years, 40% of wearables will have evolved into a viable consumer mass market alternative to smartphones
  8. By 2018, 16% of the population will be Millennials and will be accelerating IoT adoption due to their reality of living in a connected world.

Judging by the latest IDC predictions, the world of the Internet and IoT will expand drastically in the following years.

Full article at CloudTweaks.

CDNetworks Adds New Points of Presence in Ireland, Portugal, Romania, and Belgium

CDNetworks’ PoPs have just went online in Dublin, Ireland, Brussels, Belgium, Lisbon, Portugal and Otopeni, Romania, aiming to extended it’s global network throughout Europe for greater coverage in established and growing markets. The new PoPs are available just in time for the holiday shopping season, so CDNetworks ecommerce customers such as Agent Provocateur, Slyde watches, Joules, and River Island can reach potential new markets with their brands.

By having PoPs closer to online shoppers, ecommerce websites load much quicker making the shopping experience more expedient and efficient. CDNetworks decreases site load time and ensures availability of websites and applications to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Kissmetrics’ studies show that a faster website experience results in increased loyalty and higher incremental revenues, in contrast to slow web page load which leads to site abandonment. With the latest PoP addition, CDNetworks have uped it’s game and will reach a new level in productivity and service alike.

Read the full article here.

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