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Last Week in Performance Industry – February #2

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Mobile, Social and Big Data will Lead BI and Analytics in 2013

According to the newest Gartner predictions, the year 2013 will mark more transparent business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, as they will move closer to the point of action in real time. “A shift is occurring from systems that primarily aggregate and compute structured data, toward analytic systems that correlate and relate structured and unstructured data, and reason, learn and deliver prescriptive advice,” according to the press release. This shift will require more computing power and more complex information management systems implemented to businesses. As the real time data will grow, and time for decision making will lessen, companies will need to implement real-time operational intelligence systems, i.e. make their business decisions smarter and reduce personnel/staff costs.

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Ericsson to Present CDN at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Following its own research results, that mobile data traffic will grow 12 times by 2018, Ericsson is to launch its own, new, unified content delivery network (CDN) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The aim is to handle the growing demand for high-quality video content from their users. Moreover, it will offer content providers and enterprises the ability to deliver web content and app downloads faster and more easily, according to the release. At the congress, they will demonstrate how a network optimized by CDN will excel in performance over a standard network. Per Borgklint, Ericsson Vice President, says: “Yesterday our mobile devices were telephones, today they are everything; our TVs, our banks, our conference rooms.”

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22,500 Yahoo! Xtra Mail Subscribers Hacked: Old WordPress

Telecom New Zealand outsources its mail services to Yahoo!, known as Yahoo!Xtra, and in turn, Yahoo! uses an old an unpatched version of WordPress to host the service.
According to the New Zealand Heard, the services have been attacked and apparently, the users, actually more than 22,500 users, received spam e-mails from dead relatives. It was either through a direct link to an online advertisement, or through password “phishing” technique. This is yet another significant breach into the Yahoo! e-mail system. Yahoo! Xtra users are now advised to change their e-mail passwords. “If customers are not able to personally change their password within around 24 hours of our notification, we have a contingency process in place which will require customers to change their password the next time they access their email account,” Chris Quin said for Telecom NZ. Still, it is quite alarming that 5% of 450,000 Yahoo! Xtra subscribers were successfully hacked.

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Ernst & Young: Market To Be Dominated by Cloud Computing and SaaS

Ernst&Young, the global accounting firm, published its 4th quarter year-end report in technology sector. The megatrending companies, according to the Ernst&Young analysts, that “ran away from the rest of the pack of deal-driving trends in 2012,” were cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Furthermore, “cloud and SaaS-related mergers was said to have accounted for more than 15 percent of global technology M&A deal volume in 2012. Examples of these deals include supply chain management, marketing and retail SaaS to cloud-oriented networking gear.” This will continue to be the overwhelming priority for mergers and acquisitions in the following year, according to the report.

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Sweden has the Fastest 4G Networks in the World

With the average downloading speed of 22.1 Mbps, Sweden has the fastest 4G networks in the world, according to the OpenSignal study of 4G speeds. It is followed by Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Germany, US ranked 8th, and Japan ranked 9th with the average downloading speed of 7.1 Mbps. OpenSignal collets its data through crowdsourcing, aggregates measurements recorded directly by smartphone users who downloaded their Android app. OpenSignal also tracked LTE network signals in 62 countries, including some in Africa and central Asia.

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Streamline Your Alert Management with Groupings
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
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Alerting is crucial for avoiding outages, not just responding to them. That’s why GlobalDots is adopting an innovation that revolutionizes the way alerts are processed, enabling teams to achieve their goals proactively and resolve issues quickly. Handling alerts on a large scale can be difficult, especially when dealing with hundreds or even thousands of alerts. […]

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You’ll Need Zero Trust, But You Won’t Get It with a VPN
Admin Globaldots 12.01.23

Properly implemented, a zero trust architecture provides much more granular and effective security than legacy security models. However, this is only true if a zero trust initiative is supported with the right tools. Legacy solutions, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), lack the capabilities necessary to implement a zero trust security strategy. Zero Trust Security is […]

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4 Ways Where Remote Access VPNs Fall Short
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The Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) market is expected to grow by $42.4 billion between now and 2032.

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