Configuration Masterclass in AWS-VPC-CNI-K8S

Whether your organization is operating on a multi, hybrid or private cloud environment – one thing is certain: if you don’t pay enough attention to your Kubernetes networking, your team could encounter significant issues, and spend costly time they don’t really have on debugging and fixing.

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Container Network Interface (CNI) Plugin of AWS Managed Kubernetes Service, when misconfigured, could cause havoc to businesses in several areas:

* Your end-users might suffer from limited connectivity or no connectivity at all.
* Network policies issues.
* Loss of a significant security layer to your estate.

The good news: all of these are avoidable by deploying AWS VPC CNI best practices.

AWS-VPC-CNI-K8S leverages EC2’s (Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud) ability to provision multiple elastic network interfaces (ENIs) to a host instance, each with multiple secondary IP addresses, to get multiple IPs allocated from the VPC pool. It then hands out these IPs to pods on the host and connects the ENI to the virtual ethernet port (veth) created on the pod.

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