Cloud Cost Optimization

Stay ahead of the evolving FinOps technology landscape, control rising cloud costs, and gain deep insights into your costs’ context. With our expertise, discover the multitude of ways to cut your cloud bills efficiently, saving time and resources. Identify quick wins and low-hanging fruit effortlessly, ensuring cost-effectiveness at every step.


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Cloud Cost Optimization

Inject innovation to your FinOps strategy

We at GlobalDots, are always on the hunt for new innovative solutions. Our FinOps comprehensive offering is based only on high impact solutions by industry leaders and new cutting-edge startups, risk free- committed to cut your cloud costs while adding relevant solutions to your tech stack, paid only from your positive savings, while reducing complexity and operational resources.

  • Up to 90%
    Cost reduction on K8s clusters
    Cost reduction on K8s clusters
  • Up to 70%
    Reduction in storage costs
    Reduction in storage costs
  • Up to 60%
    Savings with RIs & SPs discounts management
    Savings with RIs & SPs discounts management
  • Up to 45%
    Save on your cloud workload
    Save on your cloud workload

Optimize Cloud Costs Efficiently and Fast

  • Cost Observability & Tagging Automation

    We Put Context into Cloud Bills

    Gain valuable insights into spending patterns and identify areas for impactful optimization. Automatically assign tags to cloud resources for efficient cost allocation and tracking

  • Commitment Automation

    Commitments Management On Auto Pilot

    Free your engineers and let AI & ML algorithms purchase the most cost-effective commitments based on your workloads’ usage patterns and business needs.

  • Infrastructure Optimization

    Max impact. Zero effort.

    Automate resource rightsizing to better match your business usage patterns, transition on-demand workloads to spot instances, and easily optimize storage and network usages with the most innovative cutting-edge technologies.

  • FinOps as-a-service

    Tailor made FinOps strategy

    Leverage the experience and knowledge GlobalDots has gathered by supporting the most promising companies around the world to build the most sophisticated FinOps foundation that matches your business needs.

The Definitive FinOps Toolbox

  • Automated Kubernetes Optimization

    Run more workloads using fewer resources. Reduce Kubernetes costs by up to 80%, ensure performance, and save engineers' time from repeated manual configurations.

  • Disk AutoScaler

    Significantly lower your block storage expenses while boosting efficiency with one-touch implementation

  • CPU Workloads Optimization

    Continuously analyze and optimize compute resources, get suggested recommendations, and implement with a click of a button for immediate cost reduction.

  • Commitments Automation

    Get the best discounts on your entire infrastructure with AI & ML-driven commitment management backed by a buy-back guarantee.

  • Data Transfer Reduction

    Identify and reduce costly data egress charges associated with transferring data out of your cloud environment to significantly lower your data transfer costs and improve your overall cloud cost efficiency.

  • Cost Visibility & Tagging Automation

    Implement consistent and comprehensive tagging automations across your cloud infrastructure to uncover cost trends across your organization, allocate spend, and gain visibility.

  • Waste Management

    Utilize cloud analytics to identify waste and savings opportunities across your clouds and remediate them instantly.

FinOps Innovative Solutions That Meet Your KPIS

High Impact High Impact

Our FinOps solutions are engineered and tested to deliver only significant results by focusing on the most impactful areas of your business.

High Impact
ROI positive guarantee ROI positive guarantee

Risk-free technologies to ensure cost savings for your organization. You only pay for our services based on the actual savings that we generate for you.

ROI positive guarantee
Cut Operational resources Cut Operational resources

Streamline your cloud operations, automate manual processes to free up your team’s workload, and reduce the need for dedicated resources to manage your cloud environment.

Cut Operational resources
Differentiate between good and bad costs Differentiate between good and bad costs

Get detailed insights into your cloud costs, enabling you to better understand the context of your spending and make informed decisions to optimize costs and allocate resources more effectively.

Differentiate between good and bad costs

Catch Up With FinOps Innovation!

Enrich your FinOps knowledge even further and explore our comprehensive step-by-step guide.

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Catch Up With FinOps Innovation!

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The world of cloud changes quickly.
Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, extensively explored in our resource library.

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