DDoS Mitigation & Protection

Every day nearly 3000 websites become victims of a DDoS attack. And while many sites are back up in running within hours, the damage to both revenue and customer trust can devastate a business for years. By combining the most intelligent DDoS mitigation tools on the planet with an unparalleled monitoring and support apparatus, we can eliminate these threats before you and your customers even realize that they’re there.

Cloud Web Application Firewall

Our most comprehensive set of security tools to date. The enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall filters out an entire spectrum of malicious attacks, including SQL Injection, XSS and OWASP. DDoS Mitigation, Unlimited Cloud Load Balancing, Malicious Bot & Scraping Detection and much, much more, all capable of being deployed in minutes. On top of that, you’ll have complete access to the largest and most advanced CDN in the world.

Bot Protection

Protect your business and your intellectual property from content theft, price scraping and click fraud with malicious bot protection from GlobalDots. Deployed as a cloud-based SaaS, bot protection takes minutes to set up and requires no software or hardware on your end. Bot Protection is specifically  designed to proactively seek out known and emerging threats using our proprietary methods of automated script detection, real-browser validation and user agent verification.