Case Study: Retailer Saves $500K/mo with Anti-Bot Innovation

Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud

Today’s bots are too clever for CAPTCHAs. Yet, their financial and reputational damage potential is sometimes immeasurable. eCommerce retailers are left helpless, with overwhelming compute overspend and fraud costs:

  • Bots can be responsible for up to 99.8% of an online store’s traffic.
  • Credential stuffing campaigns can generate 250,000 requests per hour.
  • Fraudulent transactions may cost a retailer some $6M annually.

This is the story of one retailer who beat the statistics, with today’s smartest eCommerce Security solution in hand.

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Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud

How to Defeat Bad Bots in 2022 (and Why It’s Still So Hard)

Dr. Eduardo Rocha 09.01.22

Introduction  Bots today outnumber human users in eCommerce sites: From 15% in 2017, to 30% in 2019, to 64% in 2021. Some extreme cases we’ve witnessed peaked in 90-99.8% bot traffic. But perhaps the more concerning bit is the traffic share of bad bots: an approximate 39% of all internet traffic in 2021.   Hackers are […]

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Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud

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Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud

Case Study: Security Innovation Increases Retailer’s Sales by 25%

Dr. Eduardo Rocha 16.12.21

Every online merchant knows that unique offerings and offers attract not only customers – but cybercriminals too. For UK fashion retailer End Clothing (“END.”), this became a matter of make-or-break as their global eCommerce operations grew. GlobalDots, a world leader in Web Security innovation, geared END. with the latest word in managed bot mitigation. Greatly […]

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