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Unique Cloud Performance, Security and Optimization Specialist

GlobalDots is a leading web and cloud performance & security value-add-reseller with over 15 years of experience. Our unique positioning on the global market enables us to be at the forefront of every new technology and with that unique expertise we help our clients to quickly and cost effectively choose, test and deploy the best solutions to service their customer base.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 to small & medium enterprise to promising startups in practically every industry and vertical.

Iconic brands like Lufthansa, Bosch, Lidl, Payoneer, Playtika, Fiat, Swiss, Benetton, Liu Jo and Bulova trust GlobalDots to help them deliver, accelerate and secure their digital assets.

Unique Cloud Performance, Security and Optimization Specialist

Our Process, Vendors and Value We Provide to Our Clients

Our Process, Vendors and Value We Provide to Our Clients

What makes us so unique is the fact that we work with practically every vendor in our industry and specific verticals. That enables our team to have an in-depth knowledge of every specific technology and solution - knowledge, real-world scenarios and use cases that internal IT teams often lack due to complexity and time needed to learn, analyze, test, deploy and monitor in production environments.

When an IT team looks for a specific solution, they may spend weeks and months to evaluate different vendors, without any guarantee of success when it comes to pricing or time to market.

This is where GlobalDots steps in. You may consider us as an extension of your IT team with access to the latest and best technologies and vendors.

Our process starts with a situational analysis of your technology stack - we look for possible improvements, available technologies & vendors, take into account best practices and the industry/vertical your company operates in and come up with an action plan to improve your cloud infrastructure.

We work with every major vendor in the space, acting as a flexible “layer” between these vendors and our clients.

Not only do we present you with a tailor-made offer that takes your business objectives, budgets, time to market and infrastructure complexity into account, but we also provide cost-effective quotes and prevent “vendor lock-in”.

After you decide on the best course of action, we work with your IT department and vendor to implement, monitor and improve your solution set. Your IT department can focus on other mission-critical aspects of your business, while we take care of your web performance and cloud security technology stack.






Web Performance, Acceleration, Cloud Delivery & Streaming

On the Internet, every millisecond counts. And we know the exact architecture and infrastructure to help you connect with your customers and deliver your content faster and more reliable.

At GlobalDots, we work with 30+ CDN (Content Delivery Network) vendors to ensure your web presence operates at full speed. Regardless of the device, network condition or geography.

Even if you need a Multi-CDN setup, our team can architect the solution based on your specific needs, traffic requirements, geographic location of your users and other parameters that influence your web performance. We have successfully implemented more than 50 different Multi-CDN solutions.

When it comes to streaming, we can offer specific integrated solutions that help you boost most important business KPIs, including availability, Quality of Experience, cost, security and monitoring metrics.

GlobalDots web performance solutions are trusted by 300+ clients on all continents in practically every vertical.

Our solutions include:

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN) - Static & Dynamic
  • Multi-CDN
  • Advanced Streaming Solutions
  • Image Optimization & Delivery
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Premium Managed DNS
  • EDGE Computing
  • China Delivery

Web Performance, Acceleration, Cloud Delivery & Streaming

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of security threats and solutions can be a daunting task for any IT department and at GlobalDots we recognize that the threats can come from any direction.

We’ve partnered with market-leading vendors in web security space to protect and mitigate your digital presence against known and unknown threats. We mitigate some threats by using the capability of our networks, while we combat others by using advanced machine learning capabilities and AI.

We can provide a variety of security solutions:

  • DDoS Protection and Mitigation
  • Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Datacenter Protection
  • Application & Network Security
  • DNS & Infrastructure Protection
  • Bot Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • API Security
  • Zero-day Attacks
  • SD-WAN
  • Zero-Trust Security
  • Cloud Governance
  • Identity Management
  • Software-Defined Operations
  • Security Log Analytics


Cloud Performance Optimization

Moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud can be a time consuming task, but even if your applications are “cloud-native”, optimizations and improvements never stop. 

We can provide both cost reductions and performance improvements of your Azure, Amazon or Google cloud architecture. 

When it comes to cost reduction, GlobalDots provides Spot Instance management and automated provisioning of Amazon EC2 instances within customer accounts. They are responsible for setting the optimal Spot bid price and identifying the most efficient instance type that provides the best performance for your application at the lowest price. We identify a recommended solution by assigning a score for each instance type, size, and operating system in each AWS Region.


If you need to improve speed, GlobalDots can provide a solution to make your network faster by decreasing latency between AWS and your users. We monitor over 600k network connections, track latency, bandwidth and monthly spend in real-time. After this analysis, we deliver optimized routes for your traffic.


We’ve partnered with leading vendors to provide our customers with cutting-edge cloud performance technologies.

We can provide a variety of Cloud Computing services:

  • NOC as a service (NOCaaS)
  • Real-User-Monitoring (RUM)
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Migration
  • DevOPS as a Service
  • Log Analysis
  • Software Defined Operations
  • Cloud Optimized Routing

Cloud Performance Optimization

Hardware, Hosting, Colocation

Hardware, Hosting, Colocation

If you need complete control over your bare metal and like to do things in-house, we can also provide competitive prices on hardware, hosting, colocation and dedicated data center space. 

Services we offer:

  • Dedicated & Managed Hosting
  • Server, Networking gear & Hardware provisioning
  • IP Transit
  • Colocation
  • Managed Datacenters



GlobalDots assists businesses and website owners in getting the most out of their online presence, allowing them to provide a comprehensive, reliable and robust service to their end users through website acceleration and security technologies.

As such, our customers can expect a high return on their investments. The technologies we provide ensure that end users have hassle free experience when visiting websites and utilising online services.

On average, IT teams spend weeks to research, test and implement a cloud performance or security solution. With GlobalDots, the required effort is reduced to minimum as our team can quickly and cost-effectively recommend the best solution to fit your website size, complexity, traffic and bandwidth.

In short, your benefits include:

  • Access to leading web security and performance technologies
  • Premium support, technology know-how and dedicated extension of your IT team
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Strengthening of your brand’s reputation with end-users
  • Increased revenue due to the ability of the website to handle many more customers at once
  • Highly scalable performance for periods of peak traffic
  • Reduced costs, and improved ROI on your investment
  • The ability to reach into new and diverse markets (China, LATAM, Africa)




Our team consists of seasoned web performance and security professionals who receive world-class training and industry insights into latest technologies. We provide our clients with access to our vast knowledge and experience, while maintaining personal touch and flexible approach to your needs. 

Each of our team members has a broad skillset with in-depth knowledge of specific key areas (performance, security, scalability, cloud computing, bot protection etc).

By offloading this expertise from your IT department to our team, you can focus on other mission-critical tasks and initiatives within your organization. 

We provide 24/7/365 support and dedicated account managers. Your digital assets are safe with GlobalDots.



“GlobalDots has helped us a lot in monitoring without human intervention.

The anomaly detection basically discovered 80% of the bugs we have, and 100% of the downtime we had.

It has by far surpassed anything we thought it will achieve in a way the alerts become almost irrelevant.”

Shmulik Ahituv, Payoneer
DevOps Team Leader


“This platform is nothing short of amazing!

On the first day (and without any customization whatsoever) we already got new insight that we were not able to see before.

A week in and our ops teams across the board were already able to get so much more out of our logs. It's a game changer.”

Dekel Shavit,


"I approached GlobalDots because I was looking for a great cloud-based WAF and DDoS protection provider for our customers that would not hinder performance. GlobalDots helped me by discussing the options on the market and helping us choose the best fit for us. The result was a great product at a great price. It was an easy and informative experience and I would recommend GlobalDots to anyone that is in the market for IT performance and security technologies."

Eric Joyce, KalioCommerce
Director, Hosting and Security