GlobalDots has been a leading player in the web acceleration and security industry for over 10 years. During that time, we have grown to become one of the world’s largest independent cloud and performance optimization integration partners, providing our expertise to some of the globes largest companies with the biggest online presence.

Every member of our team receives world class training and has an in-depth knowledge of the web acceleration and security market, knowing exactly how new technologies can benefit specific verticals. Each of our sales engineers is well versed in the challenges faced by modern day global organisations and can guide our clients in developing a set of performance and security solutions and services quickly and efficiently.

This allows our customers to gain the performance boost they need while reducing costs, optimising their return on investment and ensuring their challenges are met now and well into the future.

Working with leading providers and the most innovative technologies, GlobalDots provides world class integrated solutions for world class organisations.

The GlobalDots group of companies includes: Danidin Ltd. (Cyprus), Global Dots Inc. (Delaware, USA), GlobalDots Marketing Ltd. (UK), GlobalDots Service and Support GmbH (Germany), GlobalDots GK (Japan) and Tango Sierra Ltd. (Israel)