Bye Bots, Hi Growth: How Up-To-Date Anti-Fraud Can Grow Your eCommerce by +26%

Li-Or Amir
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Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud

Bad bots are a tough issue for online merchants: They overload your backend servers with API requests which will never generate revenue; They scalp your most wanted items, leaving your real shoppers with nothing but disappointment; and worst of all – as they retool and grow smarter, they make you constantly chase them. You, as in your IT.

The many ways in which this is bad for business need not be explained. But here’s a case study of one innovative fashion retailer who said, “no more”.

Who is END.?

Since opening our doors in 2005, END. has developed into one of the most influential, forward-thinking fashion businesses globally. It’s known worldwide as a hub for contemporary fashion and streetwear online, stocking over 400 sought-after fashion brands and shipping to over 80 countries. 

A cloud-native, eCommerce-native business, END.’s first-ever brick & mortar flagship stores only opened during 2015-2016 due to its massive online growth.

From the very beginning, END. is constantly pursuing technology innovation, whether it is in business scalability, cost reduction, web performance or automation. As a fashion brand, they pursue an outstanding visual experience – hence web content delivery and shopper experience in general is their very top priority.

What was END.’s problem?

END. is a major target for sophisticated, large-scale scalpers due to its unique offering of limited-edition items from the world’s most sought-after luxury brands. These items are mostly offered at END.’s subdomain Launches.

These scalpers use high-end automation fraud to track and purchase the more rare, limited-edition items before human users. Scalpers then resell those items in unofficial channels at much higher prices. The money they made allowed scalpers to invest in the smartest bots yet, immune to traditional bot filtering measures – including those used in END.’s old anti-fraud solution. END.’s tech team approached GlobalDots for a worthwhile solution.


GlobalDots equipped END. with the most advanced eCommerce Anti-Bot technology existing today. This fully managed solution presented END. with a reliable, accurate bot & fraud mitigation platform, with seamless integration with their web performance stack. This has offloaded END.’s IT from constantly managing mitigation rules, allowing them to focus on business growth initiatives.

Impact: 26% growth

An innovative, fully-managed solution has offloaded END.’s IT from constantly managing mitigation rules, allowing them to focus on business growth initiatives. As a result, END. was able to report a 26% turnover growth in the year ending March 31st, 2020. Its revenue increased from 134.7 million pounds in 2019 to 170.5 million pounds in the same period of 2020.

Since then, END. continued to grow. Valuated at 750 million in early 2021, it was then acquired by the US-based Carlyle investment group. This deal is expected to usher in further global expansion, now on a solid basis of tech innovation, thanks to GlobalDots.


It’s never too late to introduce innovation. Founded in 2005, END. was only able to grow globally once injecting scalable security & performance solutions. Your eCommerce activity can benefit similarly from GlobalDots’ portfolio of the latest technologies, implemented & configured by seasoned engineers.

Contact us for a complete scan of your vulnerabilities & opportunities by our solution architects.



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