Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots
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You’ll be able to boost performance while saving money if you keep up with the latest upgrades in AWS, like EBS, EC2 & RDS instance generations, using the best Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps) practices! 

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Savings Maximized & Commitments Minimized in AWS RIs
Cloud Cost Optimization
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 14.07.22

Here’s one simple tip that will save you MILLIONS of $$ on cloud costs – from our Senior Solutions Architect Steven Puddephatt

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Cloud Billing with 55% OFF
Cloud Cost Optimization
Admin Globaldots 06.06.22

By leveraging AWS Reserved Instances Marketplace, you can reduce your cloud costs by up to 55%

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Real-world success: eCommerce giant achieves $1.4 million in annual savings with cloud cost optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization
Ilya Kazachkov 23.01.22

FinOps, or Cloud Cost Optimization, brings financial accountability to dynamic cloud spending, allowing teams to balance speed, cost, and quality. FinOps teams integrate IT and finance to decrease costs through resource optimization and discounting strategies. The technology is necessary in today’s rapidly changing cloud environment, where even the most savvy businesses can fall into cloud […]

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