eBook: Don’t Fortify, Amplify: The New Cloud Security Stack

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2021’s Security leaders deal with everything from cloud-native insider threats to staying one step ahead of the unknown. While the cloud is made to amplify and speed up core business processes, the pressure to fortify cloud-borne assets from possible cyber threats painfully slows things down. 

GlobalDots harnessed its 17-year cloud security experience to rethink cloud security architecture, considering both today’s threats and need-for-speed.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Why the current business & threat landscape requires a change of mindset regarding public cloud security.
  • 5 critical solutions to effectively protect your most sensitive business assets, environments, and endpoints.
  • 4 must-have traits to synergize air-tight security and frictionless workflows.
  • How to implement a cloud security stack which can be consumed by your IT, Dev & DevOps teams, before you hire a CISO or a security engineering team.

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