Even the smartest online businesses and DevOps teams can find themselves in a state of cloud overspend. The more complex the business structure – the deeper the problem might become.

This was just the case for our client, a giant eCommerce retail group.

This is the story of how GlobalDots cloud economy services, backed by the latest FinOps technology, enabled:

  • 20% cloud spend reduction ($1.4M annually)
  • 30% scaling of resources with no added financial costs
  • DevOps visibility & ownership of resource utilization and spend control

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As Flightright Enforces Flight Delay Compensation, GlobalDots Cuts Cloud Inefficiency
Cloud Cost Optimization
Admin Globaldots 28.02.23

Over 10 years ago, Flightright’s founder found himself stuck in an airport. Thus began the decade-long campaign to tackle the lack of customer representation for flight cancellations.

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Cloud cost optimization case study reveals FinOps’ massive benefits
Cloud Cost Optimization
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 20.07.22

As more and more companies are migrating to the cloud, one issue that is often overlooked is cloud cost optimization. While many organizations correctly identify different areas for cost savings, implementing such savings presents an important challenge within cloud operation. Moreover, many companies lack trustworthy insight into their cloud environment, leading to a lack of […]

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What is FinOps? The Complete Guide
Cloud Cost Optimization
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 31.05.23

While cloud-computing supports immense innovation – providing limitless resources in the pursuit of greater output and agility – public cloud end-user spending is projected to reach a staggering $600 billion this year. Hyperscale cloud vendors remain driving forces behind this growth, having proven their salt as highly strategic launchpads for digital transformation. The competition for […]

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