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Marcher Targets Mobile Banking Users, Microsoft Launches Threat Intelligence and More in This Week’s News

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Mobile Banking Users Are At Risk

The Android trojan that targets banking systems was detected back in 2013. Marcher stays active by continuously evolving and is now targeting mostly mobile banking users. The mobile banking malware market grew by 400% in 2016, where 81% of targeted devices were running on Android. This comes as no surprise considering that Android is the most popular smartphone OS with over 24 000 implementations. Cybercriminals are well aware that targeting banks directly is next to impossible which is why they go after user credentials and target their mobile apps, social media and email accounts.

The F5 research team followed 153 Marcher configuration files to study targets and activity trends during their global attack campaigns.

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Office 365 Threat Intelligence Announced by Microsoft

By launching Office 365 Threat Intelligence, Microsoft is looking to increase overall security and compliance capabilities of their Office stack. In a recent blog post, Microsoft stated that Threat Intelligence will offer interactive tools to detect threats, real-time alerts and notifications, remediation tools for suspicious content and an expansion of their Management API which will include threat details.

Microsoft also announced the release of Advanced Data Governance for Office 365 which will help handle sensitive data. Both Threat Intelligence and Advanced Data Governance are included in Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan will soon be available to all users worldwide.

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Customer Growth Fuels ZENEDGE Global Expansion

As a response to a fast customer growth, ZENEDGE has decided to increase its network capacity by 10x. They are also adding more points-of-presence all over North America, Europe and APAC. ZENEDGE is currently securing over 800 000 apps and networks. Their machine learning-fueled solution set comprising DDoS Mitigation, WAF and Bot Mitigation is one of the fastest growing segments within the industry.

The results are quite impressive considering that ZENEDGE was founded only a few years back, in 2014. Nonetheless, their team is fully committed to further disrupt the enterprise security market.

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The Public Cloud is Killing The Server Market

The increased adoption of the public cloud has reflected negatively onto data center and server investments, Gartner claims. The analyst firm predicts a 0.3% growth of the data center market, which is an improvement when compared to the negative 2016 results. Analysis also show a consistent slowdown of the server market.

Organisations are moving away from buying servers from the traditional vendors and instead renting server power in the cloud from companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This has created a reduction in spending on servers, which is impacting the overall data centre system segment.”

John-David Lovelock, Research VP at Gartner

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Akamai is Implementing a New Business Model

Akamai is set to disrupt multiple industries with its new revolutionary business model. The model is still in its early phase, but the basic concept is rather simple. When a remote office or employee looks to connect to a headquarters’ system, only a single Internet connection will be required, without any VPN hardware, software or other clients. Akamai is set to enable remote operators to access CNN, Oracle Financials and Salesforce features using only a mobile device and a single connection.

Once the request reaches Akamai’s cloud, they take care of all the firewalls, authorization, security, etc. Although the concept of providing a secure cloud based access over a CDN is brilliant, it is also extremely hard to accomplish. Seems that Akamai got it figured out.

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