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Quality content, intuitive layout, compelling images and interactivity are essential for engaging a target audience – it has been said numerous time and is well acknowledged across all online industries. But each of these elements within a web asset requires data which can accumulate and have a huge impact on page load time and the end-user experience. In a sea of online guides, tutorials and best practices, writing another guide would be superfluous as not much can be said that hasn’t already been covered extensively and thoroughly. That’s why we decided to compile a list of 10 web performance related presentations you should check if you’re involved with doing business online. Some are more technical, other focus on market stats and insights, and you probably ran into some of them earlier but you probably didn’t go through all of them. In form of online slides, videos or downloadable presentations we bring you this 10 cool webperf presentations you don’t want to miss. Let’s get started.

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The Business Value of Web Performance

Author: Tammy Everts, Director of Content at SOASTA

Format: Slides

Slides from a webinar closely related to Tammy Everts latest book “Time Is Money”. She takes a historical ride back from 2008 to the present – through case studies also mentioned in the book, showing the impact of a site’s performance on a range of key online metrics.


Designing for Performance

Author: Lara Hogan, Engineering Director at Etsy

Format: Slides, Video

Well known performance thought leader, Lara Callender Hogan explains the approach necessary to build a site with great performance in mind. Designing for Performance covers topics ranging from image and font optimisations to responsive web design, while providing insights to how to test and correctly benchmark key design choices.


Web Performance: 3 Stages to Success

Author: Austin Gil, Lead Developer at Visceral

Format: Slides, Video

A performance optimization presentation from the WordCamp conference in Sacramento 2016. Austin Gil covers web design, development and project management issues to tackle in order to avoid negative performance impacts. Gil breaks down numerous opportunities and techniques for each stage of a site construction that can provide a performance boost. The presentation offers an array of beginner to pro tips, and concludes with a collection of recommended tools.


Building For Performance and Resilience

Author: Andy Hume, Engineer at Brandwatch (previously at Twitter and The Guardian)

Format: Video

Former software engineer and architect at Twitter and media powerhouse The Guardian, Andy Hume takes a step further in terms of evangelising web performance as businesses, at this point, understand the link between page loading times and revenue. The presentation focuses on building high performance and resilient front-ends by covering the entire end-to-end process of web pages – from server to screen. Hume explains how to optimise those processes with an overview of tools and key performance metrics to focus on.


Empathy and Web Performance

Author: Lara Hogan, Engineering Director at Etsy

Format: Slides

This presentation offers a different angle to web performance – Lara Callender Hogan approaches web performance impacts in correlation to user income and standard. Website performance issues affect low-income households, folks with disabilities, rural and elderly populations much more than what usual market insights and measurements suggest. Properly addressing fonts, images and – first of all – our culture in understanding users, is key to achieving the most out of a user-business relationship.


High Performance in the Critical Path

Author: Nicolás Bevacqua, Senior UI Engineer at Elastic

Format: Slides

The presentation covers the past, present and future of web application performance when it comes to delivery optimization. It covers best practices already in place as well as what else should be done – optimizing TCP network delivery, inlining critical CSS, deferring font loading, CSS, and JavaScript. It concludes with a gaze into the future with HTTP 2.0 capabilities.


High Performance Web Sites

Author: Steve Souders, Chief SpeedCurver at SpeedCurve (previously Chief Performance Officer at Fastly)

Format: Interactive Site, Download

One of the most prominent names in the web performance industry, Steve Souders explains his performance research, followed by 14 key rules to speeding up web pages that have been tested on popular sites and reduced response times by 25-50%. The key insight of this almost 100 slides long presentation is that usual best practices affect only 10-20% of the total end-user response time spent on HTML. Focusing on the remaining 80-90% is crucial for user experience, and Souder’s rules offer best practices for optimizing the way servers and browsers handle that.


DIY – WebPerf Assessment

Author: Pierre Lermant, Senior Enterprise Architect at Akamai

Format: Download

Pierre Lermant from Akamai Technologies provided this insightful slide deck which can help get started with assessing/improving a website’s performance. The presentation covers what metrics really matter in terms of improving web performance, which tools are essential as well as main performance issues and mitigations.


Too Hot To Handle – Optimizing for Low Powered Devices

Author: Simon Hearne, Senior Performance Consultant at NCC Group

Format: Slides

Simon Hearne explains why the CPU will soon be the biggest challenge for web performance. The presentations goes through the many CPU-relying tasks and their impact on user experience, shows how to find issues as well as how to manage CPU load at scale. The move to even richer web technologies will likely have to rely on customers’ processors. All these advancements generate increasing demand on web browsers. Hearne explains how to optimise in an environment where businesses have an ever-decreasing portion of users’ CPU due to multitasking across tabs or different apps.


A Modern Approach to Performance Monitoring

Author: Cliff Crocker, VP, Product at SOASTA

Format: Slides

This slide deck was featured by Cliff Crocker at the Akamai Edge 14 conference. The presentation opens a discussion on Real User Monitoring opposed to Synthetic Monitoring. The goal is to provide a method to setting realistic and meaningful performance goals as user experience monitoring becomes more important than ever before.


BONUS: How Website Speed Affects Conversion Rates

Author: Goran Čandrlić, Chief Marketing Officer at GlobalDots

Format: Slides

As a bonus we decided to add one of our own presentations. The deck covers some notable examples of the impact web performance has on conversions and the bottom line, as well as simple applicable suggestions to which tools to use and how to improve a site’s performance with visitors conversion in mind.


GlobalDots Content Hub

Hopefully the presentations on this list provided you with some new insights, provided useful data or even better, opened a new perspective on your perception of web performance. Quality content and design combined with a website’s performance contribute to the overall user experience. Don’t take any of it for granted as users are becoming even more demanding. Luckily, you can always find experts to help you with obtaining the best possible results with your websites. For that matter, feel free to contact our experts here at GlobalDots for anything performance related.



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