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9 Benefits of using a CDN

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The Internet is an infinite virtual landscape, with over 2.5 billion users worldwide. Businesses have been given an unique opportunity to reach millions of customers around the globe. The question, however, remains – how to deliver great web performance and user experience, despite the latency, poor connection and the ever growing security threats.

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This is where a content delivery network (CDN) steps in, becoming the No. 1 tool for providing optimal and secure web performance, despite where the end-user is located. It’s a must have for every global business and here are the top 7 benefits of hiring a CDN to back that claim:

1. Your reliability and response times get a huge boost

High performing website equals high conversion and growing sales. Latency and speed issues tend to cripple web businesses and cause damage. A few seconds can mean the difference between a successful conversion or a bounce. A reliable CDN ensures that the load speed is more than optimal and that online transactions are made seamlessly.

2. A CDN enables global reach

Over one third of the world’s population is online, which means that the global use of the internet has increased exponentially over the last 15 years. CDNs provide solutions through cloud acceleration with local POPs. This global reach will eliminate any latency problems that interrupt long-distance online transactions and cause slow load times.

3. A CDN saves a lot of money

Hiring a CDN results in noticeable savings for a business; rather than investing in an infrastructure and separate service providers all across the globe, a global CDN can eliminate the need to pay for costly foreign hosting and thus, save your business a lot of money. A global CDN offers a single platform to handle all of the separate operations, working across numerous regions for a reasonable price. CDNs are also recommended for companies with a tight budget.

4. 100% percent availability

Due to the distribution of assets across many regions, CDNs have automatic server availability sensing mechanisms with instant user redirection. As a result, CDN websites experience 100 percent availability, even during massive power outages, hardware issues or network problems.

5. Decrease server load

The strategic placement of a CDN can decrease the server load on interconnects, public and private peers and backbones, freeing up the overall capacity and decreasing delivery costs. Essentially, the content is spread out across several servers, as opposed to offloading  them onto one large server.

6. 24/7 customer support

Quality CDNs have been known for outstanding customer support. In other words, there is a CS team standby at all time, at your disposal. Whenever something occurs, you have  backup that’s waiting to help you fix your performance related problems. Having a support team on quick dial is a smart business decision – you’re not just paying for a cloud service, you’re paying for a large spectre of services that help your business grow on a global scale.

7. Increase in the number of Concurrent Users

Strategically placing the servers in a CDN can result in high network backbone capacity, which equates to a significant increase in the number of users accessing the network at a given time. For example, where there is a 100 GB/s network backbone with 2 tb/s capacity, only 100 GB/s can be delivered. However, with a CDN, 10 servers will be available at 10 strategic locations and can then provide a total capacity of 10 x 100 GB/s.

8. DDoS protection

Other than inflicting huge economic losses, DDoS attacks can also have a serious impact on the reputation and image of the victimized company or organization. Whenever customers type in their credit card numbers to make a purchase online, they are placing their trust in that business. DDoS attacks are on the rise and new ways of Internet security  are being developed; all of which have helped increase the growth of CDNs, as cloud security adds another layer of security.  Cloud solutions are designed to stop an attack before it ever reaches your data center. A CDN will take on the traffic and keep your website up and running. This means you need not be concerned about DDoS attacks impacting your data center, keeping your business’ website safe and sound.

9. Analytics

Content delivery networks can not only deliver content at a fast pace, they can also offer priceless analytical info to discover trends that could lead to advertising sales and reveal the strengths and the weaknesses of your online business. CDNs have the ability to deliver real-time load statistics, optimize capacity per customer, display active regions, indicate which assets are popular, and report viewing details to their customers. These details are extremely important, since usage logs are deactivated once the server source has been added to the CDN. Info analysis shows everything a developer needs to know to further optimize the website. In-depth reporting ultimately leads to performance increase, which results in higher user experience and then further reflects on sales and conversion rates.

Hiring a CDN is a growing trend in the internet community. Performance and security are everything – a CDN is here to deliver that. A high performance website creates income, growth, web presence and brand awareness. If your web business is suffering, you should consider hiring a CDN today.

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