Automated K8s Optimization Platform

Reduce kubernetes costs by up to 80%, ensure SLAs and save precious DevOps time from repeated manual configurations

K8s Resource Management Platform

Kubernetes clusters are frequently required to be efficient at any given time with minimum effort to manage, using the right amount of resources, ensuring performance, while spending minimum time on configuration.

Maximize Your K8s Efficiency:
A GlobalDots Automation Approach

We are always on the hunt for innovative solutions that help organizations optimize their K8s environment, rightsize their resources, and reduce costs. 


While most solutions out there will also take a lot of IT resources and engineering time, we suggest another approach: identify overprovisioned resources and allocate them more efficiently, leading to improved performance and reduced cloud costs, while saving your team’s time and money.

Elastic Pod Rightsizing

The comprehensive approach to rightsize your pods. Get recommendations and include autonomous pod rightsizing by updating resources in-place to ensure that your resource requests and limits are optimized according to your needs.

Goal-Driven Horizontal Scaling

Analyze, predict, and align scaling triggers with your business KPIs, enabling you to scale just-in-time. We proactively ensure that your custom goal metrics are achieved by aligning your KEDA and HPA triggers with them.

Node Headroom

Our solution ensures that your K8s cluster is always prepared for rapid scale-up events, preventing your pods from waiting for new nodes to be provisioned and improving your latency. Our node headroom optimization can be integrated with any of the cluster auto-scalers.

Container-Based Scaling Policies

Set workload-based policies that are tailored to the specific needs and criticality of each workload. Get flexibility to define resource allocation behavior, set up auto-remediation, create scale-to-zero policies, and schedule periodical resource allocation according to your requirements.

Cost Visibility Insights And Alerts

Access real-time recommendations and insights to help you understand your K8s cost structure, and detect any anomalies in resource consumption and receive real-time alerts accordingly.

Frees DevOps from repetitive configurations

Eliminate repeated ongoing resource configurations cycles.

Pay Only for What You Save

Reduce K8s costs by up to 90% - instant return on investment

All-in-One Platform

Single platform to optimize all Kubernetes containers and any resource kind.

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