January 2023

Compromised by Design:

State of Innovation Adoption

As IT, Security, Engineering and DevOps teams are short on talent, expertise, and time, and in the age of abundance – it’s easy to lose track of innovation in the rapidly changing cloud-sphere. Lacking a reliable source of truth, and with so many cloud, web and security solutions to choose between – technology leaders regularly make sub-optimal purchasing decisions for their stack, which then fail to deliver the intended impact.

It’s time to call it: The process is broken.

A broken innovation adoption process results in a compromised tech stack

Only 20% of IT leaders feel that their current IT stack is cutting-edge, which means that the remaining 80% are struggling to some extent to keep up with emerging cloud, security, and web technologies.

Challenges faced in the buying decision of Cloud/Web/Security Solution

The innovation adoption process suffers from
high complexity

IT leaders face many challenges when purchasing and deploying Cloud/Web/Security solutions, with 95% using or considering third-party support to purchase and deploy Cloud/Web/Security solutions. What exactly makes buying tech so hard? Our respondents mentioned more than enough challenges!

3rd party support is needed but carry inherent problems

As IT leaders face increasing pressure to make quick decisions, partnering with expert third-party services has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It’s no surprise that more than half of them are already using these services. However, there are still challenges involved.

Why Might Leaders Be Hesitant to Consult with 3rd Parties?

Most Important Benefits of Working with Consultancies, Integrators, and VARs

Tech leaders are looking for a next-gen partner, recognizing their essential differentiators

When adopting innovative Cloud/Web/Security solutions, respondents recognize the essential differentiators for 3rd parties who can help them to achieve results. The best choices have a multi-vendor offering and also experience across multiple IT fields, rather than being a one-trick (or one vendor) pony.

This report is essential reading for today’s tech leaders who are constantly compromising and under extreme pressure to deliver quick, impactful solutions.

By reviewing the current state of innovation, you can benchmark yourself against your peers, understand the challenges of buying innovative cloud, web, and security solutions, and learn how to address the tech consumption gap in your organization.