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  • Users begin to drop off a site when its response time is longer than 2.5 seconds according to latest usability research. (Source: Forrester Research)
  • 80% of internet users stop watching a video if it buffers.
  • 100ms load time increase for Amazon.com = to 1% loss of their revenues.
  • 1 second load time increase for an e-commerce = 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
  • 1 second load time increase of an enterprise application leads to one hour saved each day per employee.
  • Page load time is one of the many factors that determine where in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) Google places your website.
  • China, India and Indonesia counts for more than 50% of worldwide new Internet users.
  • Global mobile traffic is growing rapidly to more than 10% of Internet traffic.
  • 20% better performance of France Television websites resulted in approximately 10% more page views and revenues.
  • Average Revenue per User (ARpU) is still 2-5X lower on mobile than desktop devices because of poor experience