Taking advantage of the massive potential of the cloud, Amazon has created a professional suite of services aimed at the enterprise market called Amazon Web Services (AWS). Comprising of several different services, they are aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency for businesses whilst helping them save money.

The AWS suite contains the following types of service:

1)    Computing: The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) forms the backbone of their cloud computing solution, providing customers with advanced remote online data processing. It is complemented by high performance scaling and load balancing services to help companies deal with growth and unexpected needs for increased capacity.

2)    Content Delivery: The Amazon CloudFront is Amazon’s answer to the content delivery network. Leveraging their online experience and low latency network, it delivers data around the world with ease.

3)    Software: The AWS Marketplace is an online platform that helps facilitate the discovery and purchase of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions online. All the SaaS applications listed are compatible with the AWS.

4)    Networking: Amazon’s Route 53 provides users with a high performance and highly scalable domain name system (DNS) web service. Furthermore, the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) facilitates the deployment of AWS services over a private corporate network. This is ideal for large multinational companies looking to provide a global and harmonised system for their employees.

5)    Payments and Billing: Amazon has created the Flexible Payments Service (FPS) to provide a highly robust and secure method of online payment between either virtual or human recipients. Furthermore, their DevPay service allows AWS application developers to bill and manage their accounts easily and efficiently.

6)    Storage: The key Amazon storage service is the Simple Storage Service (S3). This allows a great deal of data to be stored online, with several redundant copies acting as backup. Data can be stored and retrieved anywhere and at any time.

7)    Support: AWS Support provides users with fast and effective solutions for any problems that they may encounter with the AWS platform. It also provides help to people looking to create AWS software.

8)    Workforce: Mechanical Turk is an innovative solution that enables organisations to access a global freelance workforce on demand to help with a number of specialised issues.