The Strategic Pillars of API Security

Host: Steven Puddephatt (Nesh), Senior Solutions Engineer at GlobalDots
Guest: Roey Eliyahu, CEO & Co-Founder, Salt Security

APIs are found at the core of every SaaS, web, mobile, microservices and IoT application. And as API use has exploded, the quantity and exposure of sensitive data has increased.
With this, API attacks have become more frequent and more complex, making them the number one threat for organizations delivering applications.

APIs today expose application business logic and more sensitive data than ever. Attackers have taken notice, and in recent years, APIs have become the primary target for their efforts.

In this show, we’ll explore the evolutions in the APIs’ attacks surface, and discuss the most innovative methods of protecting your business, using services that automatically discover all your APIs and exposed sensitive data, pinpoint and block attackers, test and scan your APIs during the build phase, and provides remediation insights learned in runtime – so your dev teams can improve your API security posture.

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