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What is FinOps? The Complete Guide
Cloud Cost Optimization
Roman Axelrod 31.05.23

While cloud-computing supports immense innovation – providing limitless resources in the pursuit of greater output and agility – public cloud end-user spending is projected to reach a staggering $600 billion this year. Hyperscale cloud vendors remain driving forces behind this growth, having proven their salt as highly strategic launchpads for digital transformation. The competition for […]

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FinOps Reinvented: A Glimpse into the 2023 Innovations Reshaping the Industry
Cloud Cost Optimization
Roman Axelrod 28.05.23

2023’s economic situation is looking dire – projections of stagnation and recession flourish, with customer spending all but guaranteed to tighten. Following years of relentless spending increases, cloud infrastructure reigns as one of the single highest enterprise expenses. FinOps is a practice that’s always evolving: this year, it promises to take center-stage. Faced with a […]

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A Breakthrough in Observability: Cost-Effective Tracing
Cloud Cost Optimization Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Roman Axelrod 25.05.23

In an era where more observability vendors are offering tracing ingestion and visualization as part of their services, GlobalDots stands out by providing a set of data optimization features that significantly reduce costs, maximize insights, and create a scalable tracing strategy​. The Need for Cost-Effective Tracing Tracing is designed to track every single interaction within […]

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