Identity Management Goes Passwordless

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Bye Login, Hi Unlock: Online businesses like retail, entertainment & consumer finance, are under increasing pressure: Competition is fierce, and cyber threats risking their users and reputation evolve by the hour.

In this climate, traditional user authentication quickly goes outdated: Usernames, passwords, and CAPTCHAs aren’t only a UX disaster or a support headache; They’re also a security weakness, easily compromised by automated fraud.

Passwordless authentication, through FIDO2 WebAuthn standard, is already gaining traction in workforce security. In 2022, it finally becomes available to B2C businesses seeking to protect end users and becomes a new global norm for user authentication.

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Inform every aspect of your product & business with CDN Monitoring
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Snir Ambar, Head of AI & Innovation @ GlobalDots 22.09.22

Extract actionable real-time insights, optimize performance and identify issues before they become problems – by unlocking the hidden value of CDN logs! Get 14 days free access to all features right now.

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Utilize technology upgrades in AWS and reduce costs
FinOps – Cloud Cost Optimization
Steven Puddephatt, Senior Cloud Architect @ GlobalDots 22.08.22

You’ll be able to boost performance while saving money if you keep up with the latest upgrades in AWS, like EBS, EC2 & RDS instance generations, using the best Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps) practices! 

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“We’re narrowing the consumption gap”
Your Innovation Feed
Admin Globaldots 31.07.22

“If you want an innovation enabler, unbiased source of truth to help you navigate the fast-changing cloud-sphere, we’re right here” – CEO & Founder of GlobalDots, Yuval Rachlin

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