Identity Management Goes Passwordless

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Bye Login, Hi Unlock: Online businesses like retail, entertainment & consumer finance, are under increasing pressure: Competition is fierce, and cyber threats risking their users and reputation evolve by the hour.

In this climate, traditional user authentication quickly goes outdated: Usernames, passwords, and CAPTCHAs aren’t only a UX disaster or a support headache; They’re also a security weakness, easily compromised by automated fraud.

Passwordless authentication, through FIDO2 WebAuthn standard, is already gaining traction in workforce security. In 2022, it finally becomes available to B2C businesses seeking to protect end users and becomes a new global norm for user authentication.

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It’s time to get rid of passwords!

In addition to being outdated, passwords create frictions and hassles for workflows, teams, and users. We enable the complete elimination of passwords, securely and with an optimal user experience – by implementing the latest IAM & CIAM innovative solutions.  We are using a technology called FIDO2 (Fast ID Online) Authentication – new passwordless authentication method that relieves credentials […]

Nesh (Steven Puddephatt) Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots
10th November, 2022
How To Implement Passwordless Authentication: A Step by Step Guide

Login details are criminals’ favorite type of data, as they allow complete impersonation of a legitimate user on your system. By successfully compromising an account, an attacker becomes a wolf in sheep’s clothing, appearing completely innocuous until they launch their attack.  One of the most common consequences of cracked credentials is a data breach, the […]

Miguel Fersen Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
27th July, 2022
2022: The Year End-User Accounts Go Passwordless

Why Passwordless, Why Now? Advances in technologies pose new dangers online as more people use devices to do their shopping and finances. The remote work era pedaled, further extending technology adoption, so growing concerns regarding security and new methods are more valid than ever. Progress comes with leaving behind obsolete methods to improve efficiency and […]

Nesh (Steven Puddephatt) Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots
23rd February, 2022
The good, the good-old and the biometric: 5 Passwordless options compared

Passwords are obsolete. Memorizing long and complicated passwords has been holding back businesses for over 50 years, while cyberattacks are evolving every day. ¹ In fact, Google has registered over 2 million phishing sites as of January 2021. The figure is up from 1.7 million in January 2020, a 27% increase year on year. ² […]

Dror Arie Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
25th August, 2021