Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve your customer satisfaction by using world-class acceleration, performance and security technologies

GlobalDots assists businesses and website owners in getting the most out of their online presence, allowing them to provide a comprehensive, reliable and robust service to their end users through website acceleration and security technologies.

As such, our customers can expect a high return on their investments. The technologies we provide ensure that end users have hassle free experience when visiting websites and utilising online services.

What benefits will you get?

  • Strengthening of the brand’s reputation as a provider of high quality and robust services.
  • Increased revenue due to the ability of the website to handle many more customers at once.
  • Highly scalable performance for periods of peak traffic.
  • Reduced costs, as expensive proprietary networks are no longer required.
  • Increased opportunities for monetisation services such as online advertising.
  • The ability to reach into new and diverse markets thanks to the global reach of the acceleration networks GlobalDots provide.
  • Over 10 years of web acceleration and security experience at your service.

Ready to improve your web performance?

Learn more about how our process works or see the value you’ll get with our performance technologies. If you’re ready to improve your customer experience, reduce costs and boost your ROI, contact us for free consultation.

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