Stackpath Acquires MaxCDN, Fireblade, Staminus & Cloak, The Year of The Bloodbath And More in This Weeks News

August 2, 2016 Published in: Analytics,CDN,Cloud,Internet,News,Streaming,Website Speed Author: Luka Labrovic

2017 – The Year of The Bloodbath

A recent research done by Bizety clearly states that the year of 2017 will be a bloodbath for the CDN industry. The reason is that many valued players in the field will be forced to exit the industry by acquisition or merger. Akamai is no longer an obvious industry leader as before next to the Cloud Trio of Amazon + Azure + Google. Here’s a short preview from Bizety:

  • Level 3 will have to exit the CDN business because their core offering is video streaming, and the Cloud Trio is going to come in and steal away that business. Streaming is a commodity business and he who has the optimal economies of scale wins. And Level 3 is no match for the Cloud Trio from a cost per unit perspective
  • Highwinds is in trouble. Their feature set is limited and the Cloud Trio will  pounce on their business
  • Akamai’s video business is huge and a part of that business will be under threat from the Cloud Trio. However, fortunately for Akamai, they have economies of scale

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Read the full research: Bizety

Stackpath acquires MaxCDN, Fireblade, Staminus & Cloak

MaxCDN has announced on their blog that they’re joining StackPath to create, in their own words, the best secure content delivery platform in the world. Stackpath is an intelligent web services platform designed to secure, accelerate, and scale internet businesses. Some of the services they’re planning to launch are monitoring, storage, computing, video streaming as well as many other critical business services such as DDoS protection, secure content delivery etc. Stackpath has also acquired Fireblade (Next-Gen WAF sold to cloud companies), Staminus (DDoS Mitigation platform) & Cloak (VPN Platform) too.


Read more: MaxCDN Blog, Bizety

A word about Millenials & Boomers that stream

Verizon recently published an article stating that Millennials (ages 18-34, largest segment of online viewers) need more quality in their viewing experiences and they have data to back this up (see the picture below). Millenials stream more often and for longer periods of time than anyone else and to make them happy, providers need to stream quality, TV-like content. On the other hand, Rackspace talked a bit about boomers (ages 18-66) and their important role in the streaming industry & the importance of making streaming services accessible to these audiences. Some of the reasons stated are those that boomers are less diverse and are more tied to the suburbs & they also have an average household net worth of $140,000 while millenials have half of that.

Read more: Verizon, Rackspace

Cheap DDoS attacks for hire

Criminal activity turned into a commodity – people are able to buy DDoS attacks for a mere price of $5 and Incapsula even mentioned some of the places you’re able to buy in their article. DDoS attacks-for-hire rent out access to a network of enslaved botnet devices which are used for the attack. They went out and asked people on Fiverr providing stress tests a simple question:

Regarding the stress test, does the site have to be my own?

The response they’ve got:

Honestly, you [can] test any site. Except government state websites, hospitals.

Naturally, Incapsula team reported these to Fiverr and they got removed.

Read more: Incapsula Blog

Content Delivery Network Market Report, 2016-2026

Future Market Insights (FMI) offers a 10-year forecast of the global CDN market between the years of 2016 – 2026. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.4% over the forecast period. The prime objective of the report is to offer insights into developments in the CDN market that are gradually helping transform global businesses associated with the same.

Obtain the report here: Reportlinker

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