According to some estimates, a DDoS attack occurs every two minutes.* The most severe attacks hit larger organizations, but SMBs are seeing an increase in small but constant hit and run tactics from competitors and hacktivists. The question then is, are you ready when someone targets you?

Demand greater protection against rampant DDoS threats

DDoS attacks are brutal events that bury websites in thousands of automated server requests. At their worst they render sites completely inaccessible and take app services offline completely. A small-scale DDoS attack often means more are on their way, leading not only to extensive lost revenue and productivity time, but damage to your brand’s reputation as well. To further complicate matters, customer data is at greater risk during these events, which makes it all the more imperative that you’re fully protected from DDoS attacks through GlobalDots.

Defense on multiple fronts

It’s more than just DDoS attacks that are making headlines. Application Layer attacks and DNS Infrastructure attacks are equal threats to your website. Our security solution can eliminate these security breaches and keep your site and your data safe and secure.

A firewall is only part of the solution

During a DDoS attack, your firewall continues to check every illegitimate server request one by one, freezing up your site even more. With DDoS protection, this becomes far less of an issue. IP Validation ensures requests are not directed from automated machines, Aggressive aging eliminates idle connections stored in your server’s connection tables, and Dynamic Filtering locates anomalies and limits their access to your site. It’s an entire universe of protection working together to eliminate DDoS threats.

A security measure that pays for itself in speed and reliability

A DDoS attack of even a few minutes can send your bandwidth costs soaring, which makes it that much more important to be prepared before an attack strikes. More importantly, the speed at which this solution affords you during a DDoS attempt can keep your customers from realizing you’re even under attack, saving both your revenue and your reputation.

If You’re Under Attack

If you think you’re under attack from a DDoS attack now, contact our support staff. We’ll talk you through your options and help you recover from the attack. Hesitating during such an attack is unthinkable. Call us at your first chance.