By routing your traffic in real time through our Content Delivery Network’s intelligent all-in-one WAF filter, we can detect and eliminate all web-borne threats before you even know they’re coming. Protection of this magnitude has been known to take days to set up. We can have you fully protected within minutes.

A unique PCI-Level compliant Cloud Web Application Firewall for fortified protection and accelerated website and application use

You wouldn’t compromise your user’s data for the world, and that’s a hardline approach that we share. Our PCI- Compliant L1 Cloud WAF by itself stops every single known and emerging security threat as it occurs in real time, including Cross-Site Scripting, Remote File Inclusion, Illegal Resource Access and SQL Injection. For additional thoroughness and utility, we provided advanced scraping and malicious bot protection, along with an intuitive threat policy management tool for easy configuration options for even greater security coverage.

Fully-Realized Protection with Our World-Renown DDoS Mitigation

Our Web Application Firewall can thwart even the most aggressive attacks, but no firewall can completely eliminate the threat of a DDoS attack. That’s why we complemented our Cloud WAF service with our award-winning DDoS mitigation tool, which quickly identifies and eliminates server requests sent by suspicious sources.

Access to the Largest CDN on the Globe

Our Cloud WAF works in conjunction with our globally load-balanced massive CDN, which boasts some of the most advanced edge server technology around. Choose between single or multi CDN options to for extreme performance boosts, and shave off seconds in site load time with new dynamic caching and content optimization techniques.

Unprecedented Reliability with Load Balancing & Failover

Security and reliability go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve added our superior cloud-based load balancing & failover service for an added layer of redundancy in case of a server outage. Any server experiencing such an outage immediately routes traffic to an additional server or network link. As an added benefit, load balancing drastically improves response time by intelligently distributing workloads across multiple servers.