Data is the lifeline of thousands of companies around the world, providing subscriptions, sales, traffic, and brand identity. Safeguarding this information however has become a full-time IT battle with scripted and automated bots scouring sites in an attempt to steal your content, your subscribers and your user data. GlobalDots helps companies eliminate malicious bots by providing a cloud-based bot protection platform capable of rapidly identifying and destroying threats before they interact with your data.

Eliminate a Huge Variety of Bot Threats with Unique Visitor Fingerprinting Technology

The cost associated with fighting off malicious bots goes beyond just lost IT hours. Future revenue and brand identity are also at stake as bots siphon more and more value out of your company. GlobalDots has ratcheted up our response to such threats by creating a proprietary user-validation and bot-tracking platform which automatically assesses the unique fingerprint of each site visitor. From here, we can quickly identify and stop content theft, price scraping, click fraud and form fraud from taking place.

Get Complete Protection from Current and Future Threats with Proactive Bot Monitoring

Banning known bot signatures and IP addresses is a defensive strategy that cannot work in the ever-changing world of malicious botting. GlobalDots understands this, which is why we take a proactive, always-on monitoring approach, continuously seeking out evolving bot behavioral patterns. We use a combination of connection monitoring and threat information sharing to quickly pinpoint and eliminate emerging malicious bots as they appear.

Deploy as a Cloud-Based SaaS to Ensure Fast Setup, Zero Hardware Costs, Improved Latency and Greater Scalability

With cloud infrastructure spread out across four different continents, we’re in a unique position to offer a global network capable of scaling malicious bot detection based on your specific traffic requirements. We route traffic directly through our network, providing better response times and reduced latency. And because we’re a cloud-based SaaS, you have no infrastructure to buy, no complex software to set up, and nothing to maintain. 

Performance Acceleration Via Dynamic Content Caching and Data Compression

Verifying each and every signature and footprint might sound like it would slow down site performance—but not with us. GlobalDots accelerates file delivery and reduces infrastructure load with the help of our global edge server architecture. We use dynamic content caching to reduce bandwidth and load times, and all content rich applications are compressed automatically—even if they’re sent uncompressed from your server.