We combined a high-quality live and on-demand streaming platform with a video delivery system that practically eliminates pauses and stutters. Nothing else stands between your audience and endless entertainment.

When it comes to supercharged video streaming and media delivery, we’ve got the strategic edge

Our CDN boasts the most advanced edge-server architecture on the planet, capable of delivering seamless video streaming and lightning-fast media delivery across a massive array of platforms and content management systems. Our CDN intelligently manages bandwidth to keep up with streaming demand, and empowers users with greater video control through Adaptive Bitrate Technology.

Bridge the platform gap and eliminate hurdles faced by multiple streaming protocols

The demand for content doesn’t let up once your audience walks outside, so a solution offering the same video streaming quality and speed for mobile platforms is imperative. Our network of edge servers is more than capable of handling your on-the-go enthusiasts. At the same time, we offer support for emerging streaming protocols such as MPEG-DASH, HDS, HLS and Smooth, providing some serious base coverage for your business.

Put total video control in the hands of your audience with Adaptive Bitrate Technology

With Adaptive Bitrate Technology, your viewers are empowered to fast forward, rewind, and replay to their heart’s content. ABR does away with the lion’s share of pauses, stutters and jitters associated with media buffering, which results in a decrease in video abandonment and a more reliable means of sharing your message.