Intelligent Device Recognition

GlobalDots intelligently identifies device specifications and directs users to the appropriate mobile site

Optimized for Speed

Based on situational and real-time data, our server network can squeeze out every last drop of speed possible by using image compression to optimizing page layout

Edge Server Architecture

A network grid composed of over 100,000 servers smartly caches content to locations near mobile gateway nodes and speeds up the content delivery process immensely

Enhanced Mobile Protocol

Use HTTP pipelining to drastically reduce latency and packet loss even during peak hours

Cost Reduction

Eliminate the need for extensive device databases and the licensing costs

Improve Brand Recognition

Release your content to mobile users quickly and in real-time and gain an enthusiastic new mobile audience.

Optimize Speed by Device

GlobalDots scales user experiences based on the device specifications such as GPS capabilities, screen size and JavaScript support

Indefatigable Support

Our support staff never stops working for you. If you have a question, ask away!