Break into emerging world markets at the ground level and build a brand that’s recognized and respected on a global scale.

Enough speed to keep up with millions of potential new customers worldwide

Whether you’re from San Francisco, Santiago or Shanghai, speed matters when it comes to the web. Much of your global audience already expects load times in a couple of seconds or less and won’t hesitate to close a slow-loading page. Connecting with this new audience from where you are costs precious seconds and could even keep your site from loading at all during peak hours. GlobalDots gets around this problem by providing fully functional Global CDN in key emerging markets to ensure your site loads just as fast as it does at home.

Be the hero and meet the needs of millions of potential new buyers worldwide

Businesses worldwide see the potential of a market that grows by tens of millions of people every year, but only a handful of them will truly grasp the magnitude, and respond in kind, to the explosive growth of the internet thanks to global emerging markets. GlobalDots wants to help these companies prepare for the coming wave by providing the security, the reliability and the speed they need to take full advantage of these dynamic new markets.

Leave risk taking to the daredevils and stunt doubles

GlobalDots takes much of the risk out of exploring new emerging market opportunities. Not only do we have the infrastructure in place and the boots on the ground, we also know where each and every impediment and pitfall is, so you don’t have to trip and fall along your way to success.