Our globally-distributed CDN outfitted with Dynamic Site Acceleration delivers highly-interactive and dynamically-generated rich content and applications straight to your audience.

Share a dynamic, personally tailored application fast to any audience with minimal investment

Website owners across the globe must deliver real-time, dynamically-generated, personalized content onto the screens of users worldwide or risk losing their audience. Dynamic Site Acceleration through GlobalDots removes the speed bottleneck of interactive content by using the most advanced techniques to retrieve and distribute dynamic data from your data center.

New Opportunities to Engage

More interactive content on your website allows for unprecedented levels of engagement, which in turn boosts conversion rates and ad revenue. Video streaming, animations and real-time comment updates keep your audience enrapt and always ready for more.

Content protection through SSL protocol

Greater levels of security against standard internet threats and DDOS attacks alike must be taken into consideration by every business with an internet presence. We offer multiple layers of protection against such threats to ensure that your website stays impregnable from outside interference at all times.