Accelerated Content Delivery

With load times in the milliseconds, customers can now access your content, your website or your application faster than ever. That equates to greater enthusiasm for your brand, and website retention rates that are through the roof. And because you empowered your customers with more time, they’ll reward you by visiting your site even more. How’s that for a competitive advantage?

Increased Reliability with Strategic Global POPs

Our CDN ensures that content is delivered to your end-users quickly and reliably via our global Points of Presence (POPs). These edge caches store essential website resources in strategic locations worldwide, which makes sending data to your audience more reliable than ever before.

Security That Keeps Up with Your Data

Many Content Delivery Networks are seen as weak links to otherwise secure data delivery solutions, but this isn’t true of GlobalDots. With advanced SSL encryption, DDoS mitigation, token authentication, and proactive monitoring, we can guarantee you’re data is secure, all while keeping the speed of that data from taking a nosedive.

Boost Revenue with Skyrocketing Conversion Rates

Your audience’s experience—and your revenue—hinges on site load times. If an ecommerce site is making 100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales per year.  With that in mind, our CDN improves website usage and user retention by maintaining blindingly fast site load times even during peak hours.

Meet User Spikes with Improved Scaling Techniques

Websites that take advantage of a CDN’s edge server infrastructure can meet the demands of additional users in a way that normal websites cannot. Bandwidth is increased and decreased depending on how many users are on the site at any given time, providing unprecedented levels of scalability.

Explore New Markets and Opportunities

Somewhere in the world your product or service is in high demand. With new site capabilities that allow your content to be viewed within milliseconds to millions of new customers in South America, China and the rest of the globe, new revenue streams suddenly appear entirely possible.

Your Edge on the Competition is Our CDN

Demand for content has reached a fever pitch, and the quantity of that content is going through the roof. Your customers will find that content one way or another, and it’s up to you to decide whether they come to you, or a competitor. With our CDN, you’ll find the reliability, speed, and security you need to take on your competition head on—and win.