GlobalDots cloud-based Application Delivery Controllers provide businesses with a highly versatile all-in-one Layer 4/7 load balancer built to seamlessly scale traffic on demand, accelerate content delivery across all devices, and exceed the functionality of standard HTTP caching services and CDNs—all without expensive capital deployment and long-term service contracts.

Increase Conversion Rates and Viewership Retention with Hyper-Fast Dynamically Generated Content

Get faster clicks to content and decreased page load times on dynamically generated sites with GlobalDots Application Delivery Controllers. Our ADCs are high-performance caching vehicles built to handle whole-site delivery, content pre-fetching and on-the-fly compression. Whether you’re looking to reduce latency for distributed content, accelerate HTTP-based video streaming or minimize errors and timeouts with superior caching, GlobalDots Application Delivery Controllers are the way to go.

Stop Losing Viewers to Slow, Over-Capacitated Servers with Real-Time, Automated Scaling and Traffic Distribution

CDNs and standard load balancers simply cannot scale to meet capacity demands like an Application Delivery Controller can. The superior caching performance of GlobalDots ADC handles around 10-15 times as many RPS as a standard cache server, and can offload backend tasks such as data compression and SSL termination with ease. And with native support for SSL websites and POST request caching, our ADC scales extremely well with dynamic websites, too!

Be Prepared for Extreme DDoS Attacks with Critical Data Protection and Increased Server Capacity

Kick your DDoS protection up a notch with GlobalDots PCI-compliant Application Delivery Controller. Our ADC is intuitive and easy to use, and provides automated support during an attack. It ensures core server environments are both firewalled and proxied to protect critical data. And in the case of a relentlessly large DDoS attack, our ADS can temporarily launch on public cloud networks, creating a secure hybrid cloud environment capable of providing massive amounts of additional capacity to keep your site running smoothly.

Ensure Flexibility and Functionality across Public and Private Clouds, Media Devices and Applications

GlobalDots ADS functions seamlessly within public and private virtual cloud environments, providing a uniform end user experience with simultaneous cache updates and horizontal scalability. The massive amounts of functionality found with our Application Delivery Controller provide so much more than just load balancing and application acceleration. And with our highly versatile, built-in mobile content management system, mobile devices are automatically grouped and redirected to specific server locations where a particular device’s content is stored.