Content Delivery Network

Our CDN is capable of delivering content quickly and safely across countries, platforms and devices, with speeds that will keep even the most impatient audiences satisfied. With our CDN, it’s your company that sets the content pace—not the delivery system.

Dynamic Site Acceleration

Our edge server architecture caches dynamic website data and stores it at strategic gateway locations, which in turn increases bandwidth, reduces bottlenecks, lowers latency and chops seconds off of browsing load times. If you’re looking to speed up the delivery of your dynamically created content, Dynamic Site Acceleration has it.

Streaming Media

Empower your audience like never before with ultra-fast video upload speeds and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming capable of eliminating buffing times exponentially. With our Media Delivery Solution, you’ll always have support for the most advanced industry-standard streaming protocols.

Emerging Markets Delivery

Access to tens of millions of new customers in emerging markets is now entirely possible thanks to our Global CDN, which delivers lightning fast speeds to audiences thousands of miles away.

Mobile Acceleration

One by one, speed limits for mobile web content are disappearing, and those sites that continue to offer slow load speeds and suboptimal device support will see their competitive advantage disappear regardless of potential. GlobalDots delivers rapidly-loading mobile content with advanced edge server technology and device recognition techniques that guarantee phenomenal results across devices and geographies.


Application Delivery Controller

Managing traffic demands across dynamically generated sites and growing numbers of unique mobile devices poses immense difficulties to companies wishing to capitalize on larger and larger viewerships. GlobalDots Application Delivery Controllers greatly improve scalability, security, capacity and performance, and are great option for companies that are growing quickly or experiencing high burst traffic.