Be Alerted Immediately to Security Breaches, Website Outages and Application Failures, and Quickly Redirect IT Resources to Resolve the Issue

Protect Your Data, Your Revenue and Your Reputation with Real-Time Dynamic Alerts

No line of code, however intelligent it may be, will substitute every time for human intervention. It’s critical that both pieces of the monitoring puzzle are present to provide the most updated and comprehensive picture in a situation where your website goes offline or your data is threatened by a security breach. If the first line of defense fails, you have a support team in place to immediately relay the problem to you through dynamic alerts and then identify a solution before your viewers realize the extent of the issue.

Others Monitor Just Your Website—We Monitor Your Entire Web Presence

Monitoring your online footprint goes beyond keeping careful watch on your website. Other, less obvious areas of your internet presence are still essential to security as well as app and content delivery. Email servers, security protocols, TCP ports, web content integrity and HTTP password protection all play a role in your site’s availability and protection against outside threats. The good news is we monitor all of this and much, much more.

Monitoring Focused on the Perspective that Matters Most: your Customers

We take a user-centric approach when it comes to monitoring your web presence. We identify site and security problems as they’re encountered by the end-user from their perspective, which in turn helps us rapidly locate where the problem is before it can go from an isolated incident of one or two users to a full-fledged pandemic.