Enhanced DNS

A globally-distributed Point of Presence (PoP) network manages outages and traffic spikes in real time by relying on highly advanced active failover and anycast technologies. A 24/7 monitoring platform ensures that websites under our watch are avoiding trouble areas and keeping up with traffic demands on the fly.

Global Traffic Management

An expanded network of data centers can improve both performance and reliability by spreading workloads across multiple servers. Applications and content become more accessible and reliable by harnessing intelligent Load Balancing technology to route user queries to the most efficient endpoints

IP Connectivity

Limiting your website and applications to a single internet provider makes them susceptible to outages and traffic congestion, which in turn affects how reliable and accessible your content is. By combining multiple carriers and gaining access to a larger group of internet backbones, you can ensure that your content is delivered reliably on the fastest network available.

Website Monitoring

Your websites and applications face considerable threats from security breaches and network outages, and quickly being alerted to these issues as they occur can help you resolve them before they reach the majority of your audience. Website Monitoring from GlobalDots is a comprehensive monitoring solution that identifies problems from the perspective that matters most: the end-user.