security-network-2GlobalDots offer a wide range of networking and security products and represent key players in Network Security. We care about your business and understand the economical environments.

GlobalDots understands that data needs a solid and resource efficient network to stream, we offer vast solutions of security, switching, routing, load balancing, caching and monitoring in all scales from a local medium IT needs to a multinational telecommunications carrier

We help our customers to design and implement security and network solutions with Best of Breed technologies and backed by the professional security services available today all over the world. Some of the examples of security solutions are firewalls, IPS, VPNs, Anti-Bot, URL Filtering, DLP, Application Control, Antivirus, Identity Awareness, Switches, Load balancer, Application Acceleration and Routers.

Our mission is to make your data move from peer to peer in the most efficient, cost effective, redundant and scalable as can be expected.