There is no denying the importance of geographic proximity when it comes to colocation, but other factors should also be considered in the decision-making process. One colocation data center is not like the next, especially when device, networking and infrastructure technologies become more complex. You need to know what, other than location, a facility has to offer for your primary and possibly secondary environments.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services allow you to focus on running your business, while knowing that a team of professionals is managing your servers or IT environment. Our managed services compliments the strengths of your internal staff. By offering managed hosting as an “unbundled” package, you can turn over as much, or as little, of your business’s IT responsibility to our experienced staff, and take advantage of our IT resources.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is a great fit for companies looking to increase redundancy, decrease provisioning time for new servers, save capital by eliminating hardware support contracts, and enjoy quick expandability compared to hosting their own physical servers.

Private Cloud

When your business demands the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of cloud computing but wants to reduce perceived risks associated with Public Cloud, GlobalDots can offer Private Cloud solutions.

Private Cloud provides the same benefits of Public Cloud, but uses dedicated, private hardware.

Hybrid Cloud

Most people associate traditional public cloud service with elastic scalability and the ability to handle constant shifts in demand. However, performance issues can arise for certain data-intensive or high-availability workloads.

GlobalDots offer combines hybrid cloud with bare-metal and virtualized clouds into a unified environment allowing your business to optimize for scale, performance and cost simultaneously.

Networking Services

No matter where you want to connect to in the world, GlobalDots can get you there.

Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 MPLS IP-VPN architectures for private, public and hybrid cloud networking solutions. GlobalDots’s flexibility allows you to choose the connectivity solution that is right for you.


Datacenter Locations

GlobalDots datacenters are located around the world – wherever you need it. We’re constantly upgrading and improving our service – you can rest assured that your mission-critical data is safe and easily accessed.


GlobalDots offers you the latest in datacenter hardware technology from the biggest brands like Dell, Supermicro, Cisco, Intel, to give you the underlying power and performance you need to run a world-class hosting service.

In most cases our clients are the one who create the system configuration, they dictate what goes into the machine and where they want to spend more money or less. These systems often provide the best value in terms of performance and capacity per dollar spent, because clients buy pretty much only what they want and take advantage of local 24×7 support and service should it be needed.


GlobalDots brings the best Storage Solutions partners in the market and provide Storage experts to assess you needs, design, integrate and support a solution to fit your requirement. Our solutions team uses its expertise to provide independent multivendor NAS, DAS and SAN solutions for our enterprise and SMB customers using proven industry practices.

Security & Network

GlobalDots offer a wide range of networking and security products and represent key players in Network Security. We care about your business and understand the economical environments.

GlobalDots understands that data needs a solid and resource efficient network to stream, we offer vast solutions of security, switching, routing, load balancing, caching and monitoring in all scales from a local medium IT needs to a multinational telecommunications carrier.

Our Partners

GlobalDots has partnered with more than 1,000 hardware and software manufacturers and we continue to build relationships with a number of new, emergent IT partners in our portfolio. These partnerships allow us to recommend the absolute best IT products for your needs, not just what’s available.