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Cloud Management Platform to Accelerate Business Transformation.

Simplify the Cloud and Reduce Costs.

Achieve financial and operational excellence with Globaldots' Cloud Management Platform. GlobalDots leverages analytics, machine learning and automation to help you understand the cost of your cloud.

Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security and performance in one place through our platform. The platform provides a centralized hub with consolidated data, robust analytics, integrated reporting, optimization recommendations, and governance.

Simplify cloud migration and management by improving processes and optimizing resources. 




Organization typically work on optimizing their cloud spend and invest their efforts on optimizing and governing the infrastructure layer while neglecting or missing the opportunity to optimize the cost that resides in the application, business, and process layers.

Managing cloud infrastructures can be substantially more complex than traditional data infrastructures; however, cloud infrastructures have the potential to become highly optimized, intelligent systems that improve enterprises. Succeeding on the cloud means making the right business decisions and executing the right technological choices. At scale, these challenges get incredibly complex. 

Huge amounts of constantly changing data


Over 30m data points per resource


For over 275 000 possible services per provider


Growing by over 1,000 new services every year


GlobalDots provides a tailor-made solutions in order to bring the best value and pricing, as well as the fastest and innovative solution to its customers. The toolset that will be offered is based on the specific use case, and the specific layer (infra, app, business) that will be analyzed for cost optimization.

Our goal is to be able to provide the customer with the best value we can, rather than pushing a specific vendor. On the other hand, if a customer asks for a specific tool, we will be able to support him with his special request.

GlobalDots ingests exabytes of data, including billing, usage, performance and custom vendor pricing. How can you possibly replicate this with homegrown tools or spreadsheets?

The only viable approach is a data science and machine learning platform.

cloud cost application




Organizations that have done little or no cloud optimization, are overspending by 

70 %

or more, according to Gartner




GlobalDots helps you quantify, understand, optimize, and automate your infrastructure, to control your data through knowledge.

Our team is proficient at the best practices for architecting and operating cloud environments with an emphasis on cost optimization and efficiency.

We provide insight on building applications that are lightweight from a resource requirements perspective.

Accuracy, Precision, Timeliness

How can you make accurate decisions on an infrastructure that changes second-by-second, if your data is days or weeks old and does not reflect your true cost? Would you run any other part of your business on such inaccurate data?

Costs calculated in real time to include:

• Adjusted pricing

• Credit programs

• Amortization

• Custom surcharges



Data Science and Machine Learning

• Machine learning and data science modeling to produce accurate forecasts, anomaly detection and recommendations

• Seven years of detailed (not aggregated) true cost data across cohorts and $5B managed spend

Financial Impact

Not having accurate cloud financials can have a significant negative impact on your business.

• Inaccurate reporting - We have seen companies where financial reporting was off by at least 30%. If your yearly cloud spend is $10M, that’s a $3M mistake. If you are spending $60M, it’s an $18M mistake that can significantly impact your strategy and credibility

• Cryptojacking - Companies have seen a dramatic increase in cryptojacking. Our Anomaly Detection has helped many companies catch cryptojacking early on and shut it down. Left undetected, it would have increased their cloud bill by 30%

• Overspend - Gartner has found that “without cost optimization businesses could be  overspending by more than 70%."



Actionable Insights Based on Cloud Cost and Best Practices

The power of our platform comes to full fruition for you in the form of proactive cloud management and unparalleled data access.

• GlobalDots proactively detects and notifies you of any anomaly so you can take immediate action and prevent problem

• Your spend is tracked against your budget, so you don’t have any surprises. Our forecasts are based on Monte Carlo simulations, not just linear regressions.

• Recommendations for rightsizing and RI planning point to the best opportunities for optimization

• When you need to drill down to the details, you are empowered by a rich library of standard reports

• GlobalDots lets you explore any combination of data dimensions and lets you create custom dashboards

Managing Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Most companies now have a multi-cloud strategy. With GlobalDots you can manage your multi-cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

• Supports AWS, Azure and GCP

• All data and tags are normalized across clouds

• Data across cloud providers is integrated in reports and dashboards, not kept in separate silos

• If one of your applications or products uses services across clouds, you are able to see its cost and usage in a consolidated view



Extend and Integrate

Our public APIs allow enterprises to:

• Embed cost data in any business process

• Mash cloud cost data with other business data for integrated analytics

• Manage users and Views from other consoles

• Display reports, dashboard widgets and recommendations on any portal 

• Integrate with DevOps and orchestration tools


  • Saving between 30-60% of the cost
  • Cloud operations and governance as a service
  • Cost optimization by utilizing smart algorithms to leverage spot instances
  • Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance
  • Cost Optimization for all layers: Infrastructure, Application and Business

At the end of the Optimization Engagement, the customer is fully empowered with procedures, governance, tools, and best practices to run a lean and efficient cloud operation. 




Everything together.
Right here.

Get your data under control and gain full transparency into your ecosystem. Don’t bounce between partial reporting systems and outdated reports. 

GlobalDots consolidates disparate data sets and puts you back in control.


See your data for 
the first time.

Group resource usage, costs, and performance - and look at them from multiple angles. 

Uncover patterns and identify inefficiencies, security concerns, and cost gaps by hour, day, week, month, year. Evaluate your environment holistically in order to see what’s working, what’s not, and be able to adapt quickly.


What it means and 
why it matters.

Are unnecessary on-demand instances driving up cost? Are there predictable patterns of usage across the business, or within functional groups? How have year-over-year business demands changed, and is infrastructure falling behind? 

Create custom reports to evaluate groups, users, costs, performance and more.


A system that's 
smarter every second.

Identify opportunities and view data in the context of all the moving parts within your cloud.

Lower cost by understanding what drives usage patterns, spikes, dips, and high-margin instances - then reconfiguring the system to manage it better, and putting policies in place that do the work for you.


An intelligent 
governance system.

GlobalDots reviews your system and makes recommendations based on constant and real-time analysis. 

You can execute system-wide changes at the click of a button, manage budget and allocations simply, and know that the platform is keeping an eye on efficiency... even when you can't.




Save an average of 20-30% on monthly cloud spend. Keep your cloud continuously optimized.


GlobalDots customers reclaim hundreds of hours per year. Manage and understand cloud performance and usage.


Tame shadow IT with visibility across all users. Rightsize millions of instances with one click.



Use our experts to plan your cloud migration strategy

GlobalDots' Cloud Financial Office combines migration, optimization and operational experience to build custom-fit strategies to achieve your enterprise-scale goals on the cloud.



Identify your true costs to run and optimize your cloud

Use our engine to ingest and augment exabytes of cloud cost and usage. Rely on our enterprise-scale analytics engine to provide cloud optimization automation and insights.


Develop operational excellence

Once on the cloud, move quickly with confidence with our proven operational strategies and tactics.




Every minute we record capacity per region, availability zone, instance family and size as well as uptime and hourly cost of each Spot instance throughout its lifetime.


The findings and insights provided in this guide are based on an analysis across the lifetime of over 40,000 EC2 Spot Instances over a six-month period.

More about the research, instances availability, cost savings and more is explained in depth in our comprehensive guide.


Download your FREE copy of "The State of Amazon EC2 Spot Market" Guide to learn more!