The greater a company’s presence is within the cloud, the more likely it is that it can reduce risk and increase performance with a multi-cloud approach. Global Dots helps companies assess which cloud infrastructures are the most effective for their business in terms of reliability, affordability and speed.

Protect Yourself against Catastrophic Data Loss

As companies outgrow their own server infrastructure and migrate their business more fully into the cloud, the risk of a catastrophic database problem affecting your business becomes much more real. Smart companies are taking steps to protect themselves by adding multi-cloud redundancy to their operations. Multi-cloud redundancy by GlobalDots stores your data across two or more cloud services to minimize losses due localized component failure, natural disasters and cyber warfare.

Optimize Performance by Combining Multiple Cloud Platforms

A multi-cloud approach frees up companies to utilize various vendors and service providers, and ensures that their customers are being steered toward the fastest parts of a particular network. This performance boost dramatically increases site load time and app speeds, which in turn help retain customers and keep them on your website longer.

Distribute Critical Tasks across Cloud Networks with Greater Efficiency

Clouds come in all shapes, sizes and efficiencies, and a company that limits itself to just one risks missing out on an advanced set of optimization tools. GlobalDots helps companies assess their cloud-based needs, creating ingenious new ways to combine cloud strengths and use them to maximize your online presence.