A hybrid-cloud CDN is our answer to the high costs and lowered stability associated with delivery network burst traffic. By combining our expertise in both clouds and CDNs with our highly detailed performance metrics gathering tool, we can craft a tailored delivery network solution that maximizes your fixed-cost cloud expenditures while still maintaining the global coverage and speed of your CDN.

Gain Critical Insights into Your End User’s Content-Browsing Experience

A hybrid cloud-CDN is a highly evolved solution that requires a detailed assessment of a business’s current server architecture and content delivery network. It’s not for everyone. For this reason, GlobalDots has engineered an analytics tool that gathers critical user data such as geography, last-mile ISP, page load time and other performance metrics associated with user experience. Only once this data is collected can we assess whether a hybrid solution is the right choice for your business.

Lower Burst Costs by Capitalizing on Current Server Architecture and Technology

GlobalDots uses intelligent load balancing technology to keep CDN burst charges at a minimum. This is done by distributing content demand more efficiently across a company’s server architecture, caching technology, and CDN. This kind of route optimization ensures bandwidth utilization is spread out, which helps companies gauge monthly expenditures more effectively.

Serve Content from Both Proprietary Infrastructure and CDN to Maximize Performance

Hybrid Cloud-CDNs can improve throughput and availability on video and dynamic content more efficiently than a single CDN alone depending on a business’s current server infrastructure. Burst traffic has a notable impact on website performance and page load time, and hybrid solutions help alleviate some of that traffic with more effective origin-server caching.