Being optimized for the cloud in today’s world means your content must move seamlessly across providers, platforms and cloud databases, and perform flawlessly with every device and OS imaginable. To get you there, GlobalDots analyzes your current solution, measures it against other specific setups, and advises you on a cloud vendor—all without bias or hidden motives.

Deeper Insights into Optimization with Refined Measurements and Analytics

Cloud solutions can’t be optimized simply by switching vendors or tweaking SLAs. True optimization only comes through detailed analytics and consistent measuring against other cloud setups and CDNs. We start by measuring the performance of your current cloud infrastructure. That allows us to identify and fix bottlenecked and inefficient areas before they become lost-opportunity costs.

Highest Possible Cloud Performance with Unbiased Vendor Selection

Your internet presence hinges on delivering higher quality content in less time, but no single solution, provider or vendor can manage that for everyone. We advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of well-regarded cloud vendors, and then identify and implement the best possible vendor based on the requirements and demands of your company model.

Optimized Across Every Aspect of Your Internet Presence

Cloud optimization done right is easy to spot. For users, it’s noticing faster apps, quicker page load times, and uninterrupted video streams. For your IT team, it’s realizing that performance isn’t being affected by traffic spikes, and operations continue even during carrier outages. And of course, your CEO will see it in the company’s bottom line—with lowered bandwidth bills and better returns on cloud expenditures.