Boost content delivery efficiency and better manage website and app traffic with Cloud Load Balancing solutions from GlobalDots. By managing global traffic demands and distributing content evenly to servers within the cloud, companies can increase availability and throughput while drastically reducing latency times and bandwidth costs using real-world, real-time end user data.

Reduce Latency and Network Congestion Even During Traffic Spikes

The larger the web gets, the more likely it is that massive, large-scale traffic fluctuations will negatively affect the sales and user experience of unprepared businesses. The newest generation of load balancers utilizes the cloud to vastly expand throughput during peak traffic and keep app use and downloads flowing seamlessly. And with new advances in HTTP compression, priority queuing and SSL offload and acceleration, performance on the cloud just keeps getting better.

Get Cost-Effective “Bandwidth-on-Demand” Scalability and Traffic Allocation

Cloud-based load balancing dynamically allocates traffic bandwidth to your site during real-time traffic upswings, which means your site’s content and apps will be at 100% efficiency regardless of how many people are browsing. This gives companies the scalability they need to capitalize on sudden burst traffic without having to purchase additional proprietary servers or pay exorbitant costs associated with “always on,” bandwidth packages.

Seamlessly Control Routing Behavior between Infrastructure Elements

Cloud load balancing gives companies an unprecedented level of control over traffic flowing to their site. Businesses can quickly create detailed parameter sets controlling how routing behaves across a great many infrastructure elements, including time, user location and usage to name a few.