Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing solutions distribute traffic evenly across servers within a cloud environment, ensuring that speed and performance are unaffected even during moments of burst traffic. Even better, load balancing in the cloud is a “bandwidth-on-demand” approach which ensures companies only pay for that sudden burst of bandwidth when they need it—and not before.


A multi-cloud solution uses two or more cloud services to create multiple layers of data redundancy and protection in the case of a large-scale cloud-server outage or failure.  Companies can also leverage the strengths of multiple clouds to increase app performance and reduce page load times across the board

Hybrid Cloud-CDN

Get the most out of your current server architecture and content delivery network with a hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both. By distributing network requests more efficiently between proprietary server architecture and CDNs, companies can lower CDN bandwidth costs during high volume, “burst” traffic and still offer the same high speeds to their users across the globe.

Cloud Performance Optimization

Analyze, measure, and define your company’s performance in the cloud with highly detailed and thorough GlobalDots Analytics tools. Information acquired during this process allows us to identify the best possible cloud vendor for your business, and ensures that you’re fully prepared to capitalize on all the cloud has to offer.