Performance and Acceleration

By utilizing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) your website will be ultra fast and your visitors will have a better overall experience. We’ve partnered with premium vendors to provide the best possible CDN services to enable you to reduce costs and increase performance.


Security is often confined to the realm of data protection, but for GlobalDots, data security is just the tip of the iceberg. We recognize that malicious threats are capable of causing great harm, from DDoS attacks that can render a site so slow that customers give up in frustration and never come back, to the more sinister OWASP and SQL Injection techniques used by the pros to gain entry into backend databases and either steal or destroy customer data. GlobalDots security solutions is comprised of a number of essential business tools that require almost no time to set up, and are truly comprehensive in scope.

Infrastructure as a service

Pouring endless amounts of time and money into essential IT infrastructure just so you can compete against others in your industry is no solution at all, which is why GlobalDots offers a number of essential, rapid-deploy infrastructure platforms via the cloud that improve end user experiences and increase content and app reliability exponentially. From dramatic improvements to site optimization through Enhanced DNS and Global Traffic Management, to reliable multi-network capabilities offered by our IP Connectivity service, to even greater Website Monitoring tools built to maximize revenue potential, we have an array of options at your disposal ready take your website to new heights of excellence.

Cloud Computing & Optimization

How does your company stack up to others when it comes to cloud integration and optimization? Many companies aren’t sure when they first reach out to GlobalDots. But with highly efficient analytics tools and a vast understanding of cloud expertise at our disposal, we can help companies identify optimal cloud vendors, migrate their businesses into hybrid-cloud platforms, optimize their cloud load balancing solutions and expand their presence across multiple clouds, all with an unparalleled level of honesty and trustworthiness.

Hosting & Hardware

Access a Range of Customizable, High-Performance Hosting Solutions Based In State-of-the-Art Facilities across the Globe. Hosted server environments provide countless benefits to growing businesses. Companies rely on dedicated and managed hosting to free up IT resources and manage growth more efficiently. The choice of Data Center will depend on many factors, but performance, security and location are high priority factors, all of which GlobalDots possesses in abundance. As IT departments increase in size and scope to handle growth, they’re often better served through a Colocation environment that allows absolute control over their own dedicated servers without having to invest in additional space, technology and IT staff. GlobalDots offers these benefits and many more to its partners around the world.