GlobalDots Partners with CWP Innovator Lacework

Li-Or Amir
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Cloud Workload Protection

In its constant endeavor to enrich its cloud security offering with the latest innovation, GlobalDots has recently introduced security unicorn Lacework to its vendor portfolio.

Founded in 2015, Lacework offers a cloud security monitoring platform which brings together some of today’s top needs: Workload protection, container & K8s security, compliance monitoring. Last weekend (Nov. 18th, 2021), Lacework announced it has raised $1.3 billion in a Series-D growth funding at a valuation of $8.3 billion: the largest-ever funding round in the security industry. This round, announced shortly after the establishment of the partnership with GlobalDots, globally validates lacework as the most innovative data-driven cloud security platform.

Lacework’s data-driven approach makes it strongly focus on ingestion capabilities, taking in millions of data points per second. A few days ago, Lacework announced the acquisition of Soluble, an IaC testing automation solution, to amplify Lacework’s shift left capabilities. The recent Series D will enable Lacework to carry our more strategic acquisitions to strengthen its ecosystem service, including: IaC, CI/CD, and workflow integrations such as Kubernetes, Terraform, and Jira.

This dev-first, holistic positioning puts Lacework in perfect harmony with the GlobalDots approach to cloud security, which binds security with the speed of business processes. This is achieved by 4 criteria which must exist in every security solution: Scalability, dev-friendly, noise-free alerting and compliance assistance. All these help control the complexity of multi-cloud environments, making the monitoring and detection of security and compliance issues faster and easier at any scale.

“As workloads in the cloud become easer to spin up in, sprawl is inevitable. With new resources constantly popping up everywhere an organisations attack surface is greatly increased. Trying to keep a watchful eye on so many moving data points becomes impossible,” says Steven Puddephatt, GlobalDots’ Senior Cloud Architect. “Enter Lacework with their advanced data-driven architecture, which makes sure businesses are alerted to the ‘needle in the haystack’ they need to know about. We’ve battle tested the software and the results are astounding, it really is the tool your security teams have been waiting for.”

Step into the world of Cloud Workload protection on our recent eBook “Least Privilege, Zero Sweat: Protecting Cloud Workloads from 2021’s Security Threats”.



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